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BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets

BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets !!

Hello All,

Anchor bracelets are a popular unisex accessory for men and women. People from all over the world love them as it is a symbol of the trips and the places seen. Blvckout is one such Swedish brand that designs anchor bracelets and accessories. If you love to discover, see the world, and get lost in new experiences, then Blvckout is for you. The brand is also inspired by travel and amazing adventures.

Blvckout’s famous Anchor Collection started with a desire to create a bracelet that could be used by anyone, on any occasion anywhere in the world. Everyone has their own connection with the anchor symbol.

BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets

Blvckout’s anchor bracelets are timeless, unisex, and infinitely adjustable. They’re subtle for a classy look, yet chilled if you want to rock it at the beach. And best of all, they’re for life.

The design embeds a handmade stainless steel anchor available in the silver/gold variant on a nylon chord. The BLVCKOUT logo is engraved on the anchor. The chord comes in different colors and represents different places around the world. Blvckout Anchor Bracelets are named by places like London, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, HongKong, Dubai, NewYork etc.

BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets

I selected the Shangai Anchor Bracelet and All Black Limited Edition Anchor Bracelet. These bracelets are priced around 33-37 pounds. The bracelet is easily adjustable due to the long nylon chord and the special knot used. This makes sure one size fits all. Each bracelet has a unique design.  The bracelets came packaged in a simple black cardboard box.

BLVCKOUT offers free shipping to the whole world and delivery takes around 6-12 days maximum. Only orders placed with “Traceable Express Shipping” can be tracked. Blvckout accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets

BLVCKOUT Anchor Bracelets

As with any piece of jewelry, Blvckout recommends wearing your product with care and avoid using it when; swimming, showering, sporting or sleeping. Blvckout anchor bracelets make a great gift too

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