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How to Pick Your Bridesmaid Dresses !!

Hey All,

Picking Bridesmaid Dresses are equally important decisions one has to make just like Bridal Dresses. If you are not aware,  Bridesmaids are members of the bride’s wedding especially young woman who accompanies her down the aisle. If you are struggling with dress selection, here are few tips from me for you to pick your perfect Bridesmaid attire.


Bridesmaid Dresses should make them feel comfortable, confident and smiling. Bridesmaid Dress shopping has its stressful moments but being a Bridesmaid at your best friends or relatives wedding is a lovely honorable experience. Make your shopping an enjoyable one.

Bridesmaid Dresses should not overtake the Bridal Dress but at the same time, it should not look shabby either. Fix a budget. The bride can sponsor the Bridesmaid Dresses herself if she can afford else she can ask her friends to share the expenses.

It is not essential for the Bridesmaids to wear the same gown as the bride as it will be confusing. Choose a Bridesmaid Dress that reflects your personal style. It can be matching to the bridal dress.

The following are my top 5 picks from JecicaDress:

JecicaDress JecicaDress JecicaDress



Decide on the color combination. Cute ladies prefer Pale pinks and pastels like mint. Modern ladies will love brighter colours like hot pink,cobalt blue,canary yellow and electrifying green. Black and white are evergreen choices. Some people who dont like getting attention prefer dull shades like browns, burgundy, navy, and grey. My personal choice is a plain colored fabric. High fashionistas explore patterns like polka and even metallics.

Choose the length of the Bridesmaid dress wisely. It can be short and flirt-y, tea length, knee length, skirts or floor length. Pick atleast one unifying item. Listen and discuss with your Bridesmaids. Alter the dress as required. Choose a complementing fabric be it silk, cotton, chiffon, lace or satin.

Choose a dress style that flatters your body type and shape.  Try strapless, empire line gowns, straight full length skirts, V-necks, A-line or sweetheart. It should suit you and the wedding theme no matter what.

The final tip is to accessorize to personalise their look.You can include handbags, bouquets, fabric corsages, hair adornments, shoes and belts as bridesmaids’ accessories.

Choose one simple dress that you love and makes you look or feel wonderful instead of going gaga over super trendy or highly fashionable ones. Dont forget to wear your smile !!

Need help finding the perfect bridesmaid dress online? Check out the Bridesmaid Collection at JecicaDress.