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Maanja – Pretty Ankle Socks in India Review!

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Hello All,

Happy Sunday again and welcome February.

Do you have yet to find the perfect sock? It’s time to talk socks. Sometimes it’s the little things like socks that makes me feel comfortable. One of my favorite things is to put on a comfy clean, dry pair of socks, not because I have some foot related problem, or my feet stink, it’s just something that I am accustomed to and enjoy too.

There is a new brand out there called ‘Maanja’ and they offer you  Pretty Ankle Socks in India.

About Maanja:

Beautiful things such as Ice cream, candy, kites, flowers etc inspire us. They are so adorable. They put smiles on faces. They add charm to being. It is so obvious to us that color is an integral part of beauty. And that beauty is what inspired us to create Maanja. Maanja is inspired by the term Manjha, the process of adding vigor and color to kite strings.

Our Pretty Ankle Socks

We set out to create socks that are profoundly simple and discreetly vibrant. We brought together delightful colors, minimalistic design and the finest of materials to craft a collection of pretty ankle socks. Knitted from the best combed cotton yarn and pre-washed to give you extra comfort, each pair of socks is a mash up of color, comfort and the pride of being made in India. We hope you fall in love with the socks as much as we have fallen in love with crafting them for you. – says Avinash Errigineni (Founder)

Website URL: http://www.maanjasocks.com/

A quick recap of the Website Policies:

Maanja accepts payments via

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Maestro
  • Diners Club


Maanjasocks.com has a strict no returns policies. Socks are unusable once opened. Returns will be accepted only under the following circumstances –

1. Maanja does not deliver you the exact item (Color and Design) you ordered.

2. Package is not delivered by the courier or logistics partners (eg: BlueDart, FedEx etc.) in the same manner in which it was handed over.

In case of an item to be returned, the buyer should bear the shipping costs and the shipping fee will not be refunded.


Refunds will only be offered in cases where the package is not delivered or if Maanjasocks fails, for any reason, to deliver the exact item as placed by you. Refunds will be initiated to your original method of payment within 7-10 working days.


FREE Shipping on all orders. All products products are shipped by one of these courier services – FedEx, Delhivery, Blue Dart, India Post, DTDC.  Shipping or delivery time of products varies from 2 to 9 business days.

My Take on Maanja :

The website is very simple, easy to use and attractive. It is very easy to browse through the catalog and place an order.My order came in a sturdy cardboard box with an invoice attached. I received my order in three days. Delivery was quick and I was really impressed. My order was delivered via Fedex. Each pair of socks comes in sealed plastic bags with the price tags. The item was exactly the same as seen on website and there were no damage or any other issues.

The socks are very pretty and colourful. I love the brand name Maanja and how colourful the pairs are. These socks really makes me so cheerful. The Maanja socks are available in various designs, colours and patterns. These socks are comfortable and have little cushioning but when walking or jogging with these socks on, I didn’t get any blisters. The material is thin and ultra light with mesh space for ventilation. The knit seams for comfort and durability.

The fit and feel of the socks is fabulous. The socks come in one size but they are stretchable.  They are super comfortable and haven’t shown any wear at all after 2-3 times of washing and drying.

I really like the way these socks hug my feet. I am never going back to regular socks again.  The socks are multi purpose – I use them while walking, jogging or any other workouts. I use them while playing badminton. I use socks as a fashion accessory to team u with my outfit.  My feet have been buried in socks all winter to get a feel of warmth against the chillness. To promote softer skin and hydrate your feet,  you can sleep with your feet lathered in lotion covered with socks over night. I wear these Maanja socks everyday!

These socks are the best! Lightweight, don’t slip, very cool on the skin, great colors. I got five pairs as below:

Zesty Orange Swirl

Grape Berry Mellow

Strawberry Red Swirl

Lemon Green Mellow

Peppy Blue Popsicle

A pair of Maanja socks costs you Rs 145/- Its Rs 725 for five pairs but you can get it for a discounted price of Rs 475/- if you order a super value pack.

Five pairs for Rs 475 with free shipping is a good deal indeed. The socks is affordable and made to fit Women of all foot sizes. Peppy Blue Popsicle is my favourite out of all.

You can also consider gifting these socks coz these are so cute.

I highly recommend you to try Maanja !