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Pick the perfect Bridal Gown from Alizeebridal

Hey all,

A wedding dress is the most important purchase in ones life. It can be quite an exciting or stressful experience. Planning the wedding dress well in advance is Necessary. Before buying your bridal gown you should have an idea on the style you prefer. Getting familiar with the styles, look and feel is essential.

If you are not comfortable with the selection at the boutique, don’t worry about walking away. A wedding dress is usually expensive and special. The dress should make you feel pampered. You can checkout the variety of collections offered by online stores.

AlizeeBridal offers a wide range of different wedding dresses, party dresses and special occasion dresses at an affordable price.

Alizeebridal.com is a Wedding Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses Online store. AlizeeBridal is an online professional shop that offers a huge selection of wedding dresses and occasion.

Here are some silhouette styles to help you get started on the road to your wedding day.


It is also known as princess dress. A line dresses are flared gowns which gradually widens into a slim a-line. The advantage of this style is that it feels fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground, with an unbroken line. The line resembles the character uppercase A. This is best suited for girls who carry weight in the middle part of their body. This style disguises your hips and buttocks. The dress has an undefined waist and smooth silhouette that wideness over hips and legs.


Ball gown

These are formal gowns. These type of gowns look like Cinderella dress. It is flared and similar to A line but the flare is in the form of a full skirt. Ball gowns can be long-sleeved, short sleeved or sleeveless. The full skirt of a ball gown can hide your thunder thighs.



Empire dresses come with fitted bodice till below the bust and long and loosely fitting skirt after that. This type is flattering to pear shapes. You can easily disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust. Empire gowns have a raised waistline. These dresses look romantic. It is also known as princess dresses.



As the name indicates, the mermaid dress is clings closely to the body and flares out beginning around the knees. This style is sexy and if you are a confident person, you can flaunt your curves. Mermaid dresses usually have sequins and beadings. This is also known as fishtail dress.



Sheath dress is a type that fits close to the body, unadorned. This dress suits slim and short shapes well and has a straight design . The long lines of this gown can elongate the look of your body. A sheath dress has length upto the knees or lower thighs.