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Picking A Sassy Prom Dress !!

Hello All,

If you want sass then you are probably very happy with being the centre of attention. Being in the spotlight with your sassy prom dress may be at the top of your list, but knowing exactly what styles emphasise your feisty and spirited nature can be tricky.

This article will point you in the right direction. Read on to get some amazing tips and ways of bringing out your inner queen and slaying this prom.

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 Picking A Sassy Prom Dress

When being sassy at prom, the key is to strike the balance between being exposed but not exposing too much. You don’t want to go overboard and risk looking cheap or tacky. Instead, when you are sassy you still slay and own it but with an air of elegance and grace. Moreover, follow these ideas and tips to get the best look possible to bring out the sass.

  • Go Simple This Prom – Simple is often underrated but nothing can be more powerful and elegant than a stunningly simple prom dress. The key is perfecting your look with the right make-up, hair and accessories to complete the sassy look and feel you desire. Figure out what fabrics and colours to choose and pin down the best style that suits your body type and you’ll be onto a winner.

Prom Dress

Image Source: Unsplash


    • Mermaid Prom Dress – A sexy prom dress can help unleash your inner sassy queen and give you the flair you want this prom. Think about mermaid gowns that hug the figure and really bring out your curves. Opt for dark shades such as royal blues, powerful purples and reds if you want to remain the centre of attention throughout prom.


    • Go For Sequins – Sequined prom dresses are another great choice for those girls wanting something stylish yet sassy. Sequins immediately attract the eye and help put you in the spotlight with ease. You will also look taller and create even more elegance. If you are going for heels and are on the shorter side then choose a high-neck dress to lengthen your frame.


Prom Dress

Image Source: Unsplash

Putting these tips into place will help you create your ultimate prom dress sassy look. As you can see, when you get the right style and consider all the smaller details, it’s easy to steal the spotlight. If you want to achieve that sassy look this prom, pull it off with the above tips.

Cover Image Source: Unsplash