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Skin Friendly Apparels from EcoWolfe UK !!

Hello All,

Had you ever heard of Organic/recycled hoodies? Yes, you heard it right. Here comes Eco wolf an amazing lifestyle brand, with a dream to save the Planet by producing ethically sourced materials. They are keen on purchasing their fabrics and dyes which are socially responsible for the production of their products.


Organic cotton is made in such a way that it creates an almost nil impact on our environment while conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world.  .Organic cotton, in simpler ways, is grown naturally, without using any harmful chemicals that can cause skin problems, especially for babies, and all kinds of other effects. We often see this organic cotton in making medical products like gauzes & bandages.


The organic cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body. It is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin, like a towel. It also allows you to remain comfortable as you exercise, keeping moisture from building up between your skin and clothing. Cotton can take up to 1/5th of its weight in water before feeling damp.

Check out their Organic Zipped Hoodie

It’s made of 85% of cotton and 15% polyester. Due to its organic nature, it’s a perfect match whenever the temperature downs.  It comes in 7 size variations. XXS, Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL and it comes in different colors.

It’s a full sleeve one with a hat attached to it and 2 front pockets. There is an EcoWolfe logo on the chest. It gives you a great comfort in wearing, it’s so soft and easily links with our skin and it’s absorption nature keeps our skin fresh and dry.

It costs you £49 and it’s worth it.

EcoWolfe EcoWolfe


It’s 100% pure organic cotton material with a body fit structure. It has an Eco wolf logo imprinted on the left sleeve of the Tee…  It also comes in 7 size variations as the Hoodie. It would be perfect to wear with jeans and canvas; it also goes perfectly to wear with Hoodie. Paying £20 is not big for this eco-friendly material.

If you are experiencing any skin allergies due to the clothes you wear I highly suggest you switch to Organic fabrics to avoid various skin concerns.

EcoWolfe EcoWolfe

I think now you are aware of the benefits of cotton clothing. Stay Eco concerned and stay happy. 

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