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When Fashion Meets Tech in Future!

Hey Everyone,

Do you keep up with and follow the latest fashion trends?  Do you know what’s new in before others do? Have you ever thought about what will fashion look like in the future?  There are fashion runways from New York to Paris. Fashion is everywhere. Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

We live in a world where there are new trends everyday as a result of the cultural shifts, attitudes and lifestyle changes. I am a shopaholic and I depend mostly on the online shopping portals for my fashion needs.  I always prefer buying everything from, Electronics, Books, Apparels, Jewellery, Footwear, Accessories and gifts online.  Myntra and Flipkart are my favourite online shopping stores. The fashion industry continues to innovate and influence consumer desires and buying habits.


Fashion moves in cycles and what is trending at one point of time may be deemed as outdated by the next season. I have always considered fashion with a mobile with respect to the pouch or case which holds it. Today, the future of fashion itself is mobile which gives all faces of experience like shopping, styling, sharing and show off via the apps to the users. It will turn into a platform where anything can happen.

Every time you hit that “Add to Cart” on a pretty new purchase from your smartphones, have you ever imagined how freaked out your 10-year-old past self would be if they get a glimpse of their shopping future. The fashion industry has made big shifts to account for a more connected ‘you’. I am amazed by the developments and if we have come this far, I wonder what the future holds for us. The gap between worlds of technology and fashion is diminishing day by day. From a simple Nokia 3310, we have switched to smart phones.  I think we will have “smart clothes” just like smart phones clothes made with fabrics that retain their shapes and resist stains. Will this new smart fabric technology market be led by tech giants instead of fashion houses?

With the host of Samsung Galaxy smart watch, technology has become a part of our attire. Will we soon be wearing gadgets instead of carrying them around with us? Consumer electronics have become fashion accessories in their own right, and provided technology is capable of becoming increasingly integrated into clothing, this trend will continue. Will fashion shows look like more of scenes from Escape Plan than showcases of designer wear? Brands like ‘Only’ will probably thank Apple more than Marilyn Monroe in the future. Probably fashion gowns with remote controls and radio frequency identification tags will be in vogue too.

Mobile Apps

Online retailers deal with a high percentage of returns due incorrect fit. In future, these apps and websites might scan a buyer’s body to record their exact body measurements before making a purchase thereby reducing the returns and increasing the satisfaction. Express delivery might happen in airplanes to your doorstep. Probably the fashion industry will introduce AC jackets and microchip embedded shoes. If I can find a pair of sneakers in the future that gives my body a good workout without me having to run, I’ll be delighted. I also wish I discover garments which are more personal and customised in the future. Those wardrobe items should make me feel more vibrant.

Mobile apps are shaping the future of fashion. We are always on lookout for the next big thing.  Mobile apps bring the uber world of beauty and fashion to your door step. Mobiles apps are not just a trend but a way of life. With our busy lifestyle, apps are a step in meeting our needs quickly. The shopping websites will cease to exist in future and in turn it will become an app only shopping world. If you can’t get to a store before its closing time, you will be annoyed but think if you can have access to your favorite stores online via apps, you don’t have to stress. Apps make your life easier by allowing you to try on the go. The worry about not being able to try something might vanish in the future with the emergence of digital fitting rooms, virtual mirrors and interactive screens. 3D printed dresses will have high influence in the world of future fashion. Of course, everything I mentioned seems to be unpractical but technology will ensure these solutions for fashion. Benefit or not, I am confident it is gonna be popular for sure!

Tell us what else will make fashion more personal in a mobile only world with #ItsPersonal