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Lakme School Of Style

Your Daily Dose of Beauty & Fashion From #LakmeSchoolOfStyle

Hey Everyone,

Right from getting a makeover to dressing up in our dream outfit, we all depend on you tube videos and tutorials. Those 5 mins easy-to-follow tutorials guide us through the various processes to learn the basics. Those videos are not only for sharing information but also to help others. Exploring How-To and other DIY You Tube tutorials have turned into my hobby.  I love recreating the makeup looks and hairstyles that is featured in the videos. I jumped with joy and excitement as I landed on the Lakme School of Style Website. #LakmeSchoolOfStyle is different from a regular channel. This channel is led by the filmmaker and fashion icon Karan Johar. The debut season of ‘Lakmé School of Style’ will span over six months. This channel is centered on all things from beauty, makeup and hair styling to fashion tips- they’ve got everything covered under one roof!  Not just that – you could be part of KJO’s dream team as well if you have the talent.

Lakme School Of Style

India’s leading talent led digital network #fame has launched ‘Lakmé School of Style’. #LakmeSchoolOfStyle is a video fashion magazine. Lakmé is a pioneer in beauty and fashion segment and through the launch of ‘Lakmé School of Style’ the brand has lend its expertise and knowledge for a new content coup. The content will be served through digital videos on a daily basis. It will bring fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen. The channel will be hosted across the #fame network which is available on all leading digital and multiple social platforms including YouTube, Facebook Dailymotion, WeChat, and leading content publishers.

Lakmé School Of Style has the best fashion and style gurus like Nilu, Riaan, Sahibba, Sukhneet, Sanjana, Miss Malini and several guess celebrities and designers like Minissha Lamba and Nishka Lulla with Karan Johar being the Editor in chief. Karan Johar will not only host or judge for #fame but also mentor participants.  Karan Johar’s comments make me laugh while watching some videos.

The idea of #fame came up when it was seen that the world now looks upto digital networks for a hand in fashion and styling.  Lakme School of Style gives fashionistas a great opportunity to shape their skills and bring out the talent.

There is an array of useful videos available in #LakmeSchoolOfStyle. I have picked one of my favorite videos to talk about. Don’t pause just with this video. Check out their channel and stay updated.

The first video that I liked is DIY Hairdos For Short Hair by Lakmé School Of Style’s Sahibba K Anand. It is a fabulous DIY video with simple steps to guide all those lovely ladies with short hair! The hair dos are very simple to try and won’t take much time. It suits people with short to medium length hair.

Another favourite video of mine from Lakme School Of Style is MissMalini’s 6 Steps To Becoming A Social Media Jedi. Lakmé School Of Style brings you a not-to-be-missed masterclass by Malini Agarwal. Watch her reveal her 6 secrets to becoming a Social Media Jedi. This video is your ultimate destination to enhance your social circle!! She speaks about hacks, being yourself, engaging with the audience, hashtags and importance of you tube. She explains with examples like Oreo and Kitkat interaction. The video and the tips are very professional, well curated and explained. I love the accent of this video. I have definitely learnt a few new things from this video.

I think that the #LakmeSchoolofStyle is a rather interesting approach to engage with audience. This channel is a step towards the right direction. Did you know that they have videos about life, relationships, women and social issues too?

I have already subscribed to their YouTube channel and I think you girls would love it too. Subscribe and don’t forget to tell me about your favorite video!

Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.

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