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Smart Investing Towards a Sound Future!

Hey All,

We all wish to pursue one or other investment methods to secure our future be it for retirement, peace of mind, buying a house or travelling. The financial decisions we make are very important because investing in wrong plans can turn disastrous.

Sometimes, superstitions come in the way of sound investments. Despite our changing lifestyles due to all the technological cum financial advancementswe’re still slaves to a wide range of superstitions and rituals.  In a world filled with rich information and access to computers or social networks like Facebook, it is quite surprising that we are still ruled by ancient beliefs.

Thousands of superstitions like a black cat crossing our path seem to alter our everyday lives with a thought of misfortune.

A new year has already begun and it’s a new month. But I never knew it can be a worst time of the year. When I told my friend I am thinking of investing in a good savings plan, I immediately heard from her “Remember January always underperforms and this is not the right time”. She added that you should subscribe during a new moon as a full moon is very, very bad and dangerous.

One of my colleagues advised me not to get emotional about my investments. He considers numbers with 3 or 13 unlucky.

My neighbours changed the name of their son from Siddanth to Siddarth on the advice of a fortune teller. They got influenced when they heard from him that the name change might end up in chances of winning lottery.

Not all superstitions are negative with a dose of bad luck. I have come across some positive ones too. In my mom’s opinion, if you have black ants or green grasshopper inside your home, you’ll become rich. She often comments when the palm of your hands are itchy, it means you’re expecting money.

I still remember my childhood days when we used to make a wish and toss a coin into a river while travelling in trains. This was supposed to make our dream a reality.

People say to me – “Don’t sweep at night. Don’t pay anyone after sunsets. Always keep coins in your purse and don’t make it empty. These acts will make the goddess of wealth abandon you and you will turn poor”.

My relatives consider direction east auspicious. Many of them wear Lakshmi’s charms or hang goddess of wealth – Lakshmi’s footprints as paintings believing abundance will flow into their lives. Another symbol thought to be very money lucky is a laughing Buddha. Many people believe money attracts money.

I cannot argue about these beliefs but they just sound foolish. Things will always be good or, so you think. These superstitions don’t seem to go away. Take a closer look, analyse and you will find that these superstitions don’t hold up true.

This #JanoTohMano video by Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds suggests you not to make investment decisions on any of the superstitions! The best way to do is to learn about the market and plan well. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund encourages you to make an informed decision.

The video by Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund showcases how we sometimes get caught up in rituals or superstitions instead of thinking and investing smartly.

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