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Hey All,

I travel to work every day in train from Palakkad to Coimbatore. Our train friends planned to have a get together for breakfast just for some change. We searched for the restaurant listings on AskMe and finally stumbled on RHR Hotels Pvt Ltd In State Bank Road, Coimbatore. We frequently visit this place since it’s close to the Coimbatore Railway Station.


RHR Hotels Pvt Ltd Restaurant is the best place for Vegetarian food Service in Coimbatore.  RHR stands for Royal Hindu Restaurant started by Royal Group of Concerns. R.H.R was started in the year 1931 and is one of the noted old and traditional Vegetarian restaurants in Coimbatore.

There were items like Idly, Vada, Pongal, Kichadi, Roast, Poori Masala, Variety Rice, Chapatti, Parota, Chilly Idly, Aappam, Family Roast, Coffee, Tea, Veg Cutlet, Samosa and more under the breakfast menu. Fresh Juices made of fruits like Mango, Musambi, Orange, Grape, Dates, Pineapple, Apple, Water Melon, Pomegranate, Mulam Pazham, Carrot and Tomato were also there in the menu.


There is an AC section in the restaurant. It was inoperative during the time we visited the hotel. You can enjoy a tasty Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. There is this RHR Sweet shop adjacent to the hotel where Hot JILAEBI is very famous. There is a bakery nearby too. Aappam and Paniyaram is the centre of attraction. There is a live Aappam section and you can see the chef/staff demonstrating the live preparation in Aappam kadai.


Customers need not have to stand in a Queue and once you place to your orders, they deliver quickly before you lose your patience. The staffs are friendly and hospitable. The place is clean and the food served is yummy. The best thing about RHR is that it is affordable, hygienic and offers quality food in a big hall. The items up on the menu are good. Food quality and taste is worth mentioning too. Cost wise, it’s moderate. The only thing that I dislike is the ambience. The location is perfect as it is opposite to the railway station. The ambience needs improvement. There were enough items as side dishes.


There is a family room also available if you want to enjoy a group dining. Overall, we had a good time, relishing authentic vegetarian food.  Now the first thing that I do every day as soon as I get down from the train, is to enter RHR – eat 2 Rava idlis and then hire a bus to my place of work. I love their South Indian tiffin’s and meals. I can reach my office in time as their serving time taken is very less. They serve 3 types of chutneys and a cup of Sambar for Idli which is definitely mouth-watering. Delicious food, Tidiness of the place and their super-fast service is an added advantage. Even their parcel services are very quick with great packaging. I would recommend RHR for anyone who is travelling to Coimbatore. If you are looking for a change from Annapurna or Saravna Bhavan kind of hotels, do give RHR Hotels Pvt Ltd In State Bank Road, Coimbatore a try. It is better than many unknown hotels out there.

The quantity of food you get for what you pay is satisfactory. The water quality was good too. They have many branches in Coimbatore. Overall, RHR is a Reliable Restaurant for south Indian food. If you want to have good food somewhere in and around Coimbatore Railway station, RHR is for you. They have good lodging facility too behind the hotel.