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A Twist for Rolled Headsets!

Hello All,

Quite a couple of years back, as you’re aware, we were new to the technology and was really surprised to see something which we are not used to,  that too to the ones who’re fond of music. I still remember the days wherein I used to listen music via FM Radio sets or Old Generation Speakers connected to PC/TV. But those days were something very precious, which I can never walk back to.


The Wired Technology: My love for music made me purchase my 1st mobile Motorola Razr V3 with FM Radio which came with a headset. I was crazy for it. I used to hang around everywhere with headset plugged in.  A headphone with normal Ear-Pad and a wire. Though it was the first of its kind something was always lacking in that.


For one thing, as I said above, those cables can get in your way from time to time and can hastily get intertwined in furniture or other stuffs. There is a slight inconvenience and at times it can turn out to be very frustrating. One more thing that I had noticed is that you’re restricted in how far you can stay away from your phone – maybe a foot or two. As I’m a music lover  when I’m listening to music in the bedroom, whenever I need to take up something from other room I have to make sure that my phone is in my pocket and headphones are on my head.  Unavailability of mike was another drawback, wherein when I get a call I need to disconnect my headphone.


2nd Gen Wired Technology Then there came some models which have ear-buds and volume adjusting features and call attending (mic) buttons. It was quite good and I was even wishing for something like that. Though it had some more features which are really helpful as compared to the previous model, still few drawbacks weren’t cleared at all.  I used to carry it as my gym companion, high toned music and heat. While jogging and running my headset used to get tingled with the equipment’s and I was totally down. Was always thinking of an alternate solution.

The trend continued with MP3 players, Clip-in Ipods and Wide band headphones. I remember using my headphones as photography props even.




Then comes the Bluetooth technology: When I stepped into BTT, it made my phone more efficient. The headsets were designed with ear buds that are totally wireless. It also lets me to talk on the mobile using the hands free feature. However, the most annoying thing about a Bluetooth headset is that we must stay in range. Usually the range is of 100 meters or less which, means you cannot move from one place to another without your cell phone.

Technology flied well as time, my expectations too…

The future is all about the Wireless Headphone Technology! Introducing all new #BoseQC35 !!

I made a transition to wireless headphones; the first thing I noticed is its ease of use and convenience. With normal Bluetooth technology you can just move around within few meters away from your device without dropping the signal. When compared to this technology, with latest version of BT in Wireless Headphones, you have a lot more freedom to move around, without taking your phone wherever you go. There are also no wires; moreover, I am not at all concerned about wires getting tangled up with furniture or other stuffs. With this wireless stuff you have a lot more freedom.

When I hear the name Bose, the brand reminds me about the clarity of sound. Crystal clear sound is something you can presume from their products. Whenever you put on any Bose headphones, you just don’t have to care about the noise, be in traffic or at home. You just can’t imagine the sound output from Bose headphones.Be it listening to music or on a call, there is zero vibration. No matter whether you’re listening to traditional or western lyrics you just experience your music the way it is expected to be.


Have you ever dreamt of  a situation when you escape the reality away right into an acoustic place where it’s you and your music only without any tensions. That’s one truly magical feeling right? Bose QC 35 makes it possible. The latest hit in the market is Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II. With this new launch, Bose  headphones are even more better now. Here is how BoseQC35 has changed the way I interact with the world.

BoseQC35 models are equipped with Bose world-class noise cancellation and also offers an advanced built-in microphone which gives you an HD voice quality. This makes sure that one don’t have to interrupt the person who is on the line. The Bluetooth 4.0 version makes BoseQC35 much easier and faster to connect. It also allows you to connect two devices together and pair them robotically, as they are NFC-compatible. We used to get annoyed whenever the device’s battery runs out. Whereas Bose gives you 20 hrs of uninterrupted wireless listening. And the battery filling time is just a couple of hours. Adjust the noise cancellation levels between three options and choose the one that suits you best is really divine.  Bose QC35 is one’s best buddy even on the go. Now, you can peacefully work from home on calls, hit the gym and enjoy the voice with Bose QC35.

BoseQC35 BoseQC35

What I love is the extra comfortable design. In the all new BoseQC35 (Quiet comfort 35)  you can control music, send and receive texts, and get answers using Google’s Virtual Private Assistant. The multi-function button is very handy too. The company has designed a free app named “Bose Connect App” too for using with Bose QC 35 which you can download from Google Play/ App Store. The Bose QC 35 headphones have become an inevitable style accessory too due to its cool look.

Here are the coolest things to look out for in the Bose QC 35 II:

  • Re-engineered Bluetooth 4.2 technology
  • World-class noise cancellation technique
  • Cutting edge design
  • Wireless Music
  • Powerful Sound
  • Google VPA support
  • Volume-optimized EQ
  • NFC pairing
  • Dual-microphone system for clear calls
  • 20 hours battery life

I can blindly say that it is one of the best set of headphones ever. Bose QC 35 price range starts from Rs 29,363. Seeing all the rich features, I am sure it is an investment worth the money. This pair of headphones makes the best possible gift especially for your boss/office & business colleagues/ loved ones.  

I am “Future Ready With Bose”. Are you??????????