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Celebrate your Hair with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner !

Hello Beauties,
It’s weekend again!
About a year ago, I excitedly went to a Hi-Fi salon to have my hair straightened after getting suggestions from my college friends. I have been tortured by unruly curls and waves forever and I believed that straight hair was the most fashionable, The treatment for which I spent 10k+ had transformed my tresses from forever frizzy to super sleek and sexy. I got a lot of compliments and  I never wanted to go back to my former self. Of course, I loved the latter look.
A few months passed by. One fine day, I went to one of my trusted friend who is stylist experienced for years in  hair straightening, highlights, curling, bridal hair-do’s etc for a thermal retouching of my already straightened hair. She took my hair and shook her head. She added ” Iswarya, your hair is breaking. The best thing to do is to stay away from styling” 
Gosh?! My heart was racing fast, I was already imagining my wig purchase. My stylist friend gave me some tips. She said I have to eat protein rich food like egg, fruits and green leafy veggies which means I cant be a picky eater anymore. She asked me to oil my hair well and to do deep conditioning treatments with natural products at home.  I did all that she suggested with a hope for the best.
I have to be honest and say that I have the worst hair type now. I have been dealing with a lot of split ends and damage from heat styling, coloring and tying my hair up so often. Hair straightening is so much in trend these days. I opted for it without knowing the damages that are caused by the heat and chemicals. The styling process made my hair dry and brittle. My hair was black, wavy and thick. After this whole drama of straightening I am experiencing hair breakage and thinning. I should have embraced my natural beautiful healthy hair. Damage once done is done and you cannot reverse it immediately. Since then I have bid good bye to anything that hurts my hair and I have switched to natural products. Slowly, my hair is getting repaired but it is still dry, frizzy and lacks shine.
I just received the full size samples of the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair in the mail recently.  I’ve used Garnier Fructis products in the past, but I was neither impressed nor disappointed. You can also read my previous Garnier Reviews on the blog. Garnier is a good brand. The products were okay and affordable. However, I’ve heard really good things about the new triple nutrition line from Garnier Fructis. I am trying it and taking up the hair challenge with this line wherein I will be trying this product starting from today for a month (30 days) and I will share 2X updates after 15 days each.

We would have heard the benefits of Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil from our grandmothers for years now and how each one of them work wonders on your hair. What if we unite all these oils and make hair care products? Voila! That’s what Garnier’s Triple Nutrition Strengthening Range is all about. With a combination of all three oils, its tripe nourishment power starts working right from the scalp to the lengths and finally to the tips.
This is my first impression review of the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition line. The new Triple Nutrition collection is infused with 3 nourishing oils – Olive oil, Avocado Oil, and Almond oil. The idea is to deliver triple restoring action on dry hair. I love this new Garnier Triple Nutrition line and I can’t wait to see how it works on my hair type.
The first thing that I did was I compared the ingredients of this triple nutrition range with other versions like Garnier Long and Strong. Whoaa! The ingredient in this triple nutrition range has fewer chemicals when compared to the other versions. Camellia Leaf Extracts, Apple Fruit Extract, Sodium Chloride, Salicylic Acid, Sugar Cane Extracts, and Lemon Peel to name a few wonderful ingredients in this. The only downside is SLES. The Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner have a super delicious fruity smell. It is a truly yummy coconutty scent that I loved.
The range also has fruit vitamins that add shine to your tresses with an amazing smell. With a combination of Coconut, Almond and Olive Oil, the conditioner from the range is same as the shampoo. The Brand claims that you can even apply the conditioner to your scalp. I never apply conditioner to my scalp but this time I am giving it a try to check if it is just a myth.
My first impression of this particular shampoo and conditioner is pretty nice. The packaging is neat, vibrant and attractive. The shampoo and conditioner smells similar. The fragrance of the conditioner is lighter than that of the shampoo.What is also important is the affordable price tag. I’m not the kind of person who’s willing to pay huge bucks for a shampoo or conditioner, so Garnier Triple Nutrition is the perfect choice for me.  Also I read some article in the web which says the Garnier Triple Nutrition bottles contain PET composed of 30% recycled plastic.  Nice because it is somewhat eco-friendly.
Garnier Fructis makes some strong claims about the triple nutrition shampoo and conditioner formulated with three weightless nourishing oils (olive, almond and coconut):
  • Nourishes and makes the hair 10X stronger
  • Restores beautiful shine into your lengths
  • Binds, repairs and helps reduce split ends

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo is available at 80 ml for MRP Rs. 69, 175 ml for MRP Rs. 135; 340ml for MRP Rs. 230; sachet: 6.5ml for MRP Rs.3
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner is available at 80 ml for MRP Rs. 70, 175 ml for MRP Rs. 135; sachet: 7.5ml for MRP Rs.4

My hairOily scalp with dirt build-up, damaged, dry roots, un-tameable frizz, long till waist.

What I wanted:  A hair care range that would make my hair soft, shiny and voluminous. I want the hair care products to tame my frizz.  I wash my hair every third day.

What I got: Stay Tuned!! I am excitedly looking forward to seeing how this Garnier Triple Nutrition product combination works and will update you once I’ve tried it for 15 days!