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Garnier Pure Active Apricot Face Scrub Review!

Hello all,

Garnier sent me a personalized box with Garnier Pure Active Apricot Face Scrub and some yummy apricots along with a card some time back. I am done testing this scrub and I am here to share my views with you.


Price: Rs. 70 for 50 grams and Rs 115 for 100 grams.


Shelf Life: 3 years


Product Claim:

Get radiant and smooth skin this festive season with Garnier’s new Apricot Scrub. The power of 1500 apricot beads in every wash for flawless looking skin. Keep your skin looking fresh and smooth despite your busy life with the new Garnier Apricot Face Scrub today.

Try the new Garnier PureActive Apricot Scrub. It gently scrubs away dead skin cells to reveal fresh and glowing skin. It contains an exfoliating powder, derived from Apricot seeds and a creamy texture that lightly hydrates the skin while cleansing. Skin is smooth, fresh and radiant with every wash.



Apply on wet face. Gently massage in with fingertips avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily.


My Thoughts:

The product comes in an opaque white squeeze tube with hints of orange and a flip cap. The packaging is sturdy, convinient and travel friendly.

The product is white with minute apricot beads in orangish red shade. The consistency is perfect for scrubbing.


The fragrance is yummy and so delicious with a fruity touch. My skin feels soft, clean and polished. The beads are not too coarse and minute. The beads are of right size and they are not harsh on my skin.


It gently exfoliates skin, removes dead skin cells and blackheads from my sensitive skin and leaves skin clear plus glowing. It is decently priced and is suitable for all skin types.


It brightened my dull looking skin instantly.The Brand says that we can use this scrub daily but I use it only once in a week. The scrub is creamy and hydrating. It is suitable for dry skin. I still suggest you to apply a moisturiser suitable for your skin type after scrubbing.


My skin is sensitive and the scrub didn’t give me any breakouts or redness. It is effective in removing blackheads from my sensitive skin but you might feel it is not very strong in uprooting blackheads if you have a different skin type. The scrub doesn’t dry out skin. The scrub was my best companion during the winters to get rid of my flakes. My skin looks even toned now with minimum imperfections. The scrub lathers well and doesn’t clog pores. It is so easy to apply and rinse off.


This is one of the best scrubs available in the market. If you have oily skin, you might get a couple of whiteheads in the beginning due to the creaminess of the scrub. I highly recommend this scrub to all of you.

P.S: *PR Sample