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Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream & Facewash – #7DayGarnierChallenge

Hey All,

I recently took part in the Garnier 7 day challenge with the White Complete Range. The range consisted of Garnier White Complete Fairness Face Wash and Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream. Readers can also apply for a free sample of Garnier White Complete here and take the challenge. My skin was dull and tanned due to the scorching heat and after effects of harsh summer. The products landed on my table at a right time. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


I didnt really stick to using it every day as i am lazy at times. Also my skin is on the sensitive side and I was scared of breakouts. Instead of doing it over 7 days, I completed the challenge over 2 weeks.

The all new improvised versions of Garnier White Complete Fairness Face Wash and Cream contains lemon extracts. Garnier white complete fairness cream is priced at Rs 160 for 50 g. Garnier white complete fairness face wash is priced at 145 Rs for 100g and 80 Rs for 50 g.


The Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream comes in a white tub with hints of yellow whereas the Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash is housed in a squeeze tube. The packaging is uniform.


Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream comes with SPF 19. You can use it as a day cream. I leave to work early in the morning and return late in the evening. The SPF was apt for me. You can layer it with a sunscreen on hot days. The cream is white in color. It is easy to blend and gets absorbed quickly. It doesn’t leave any white cast or oily residue which I liked the most. The cream adds a fairer look with no oiliness. It doesn’t control excess sebum production by skin. I am okay with it as it doesn’t claim so. This cream is best suitable for the oily skinned people as the cream is non greasy type.


The face wash is a thick creamy cleanser. This face wash cleanses the face well and gets rid off makeup, oil/sebum and skin impurities. A little goes a long way. The face wash gives a squeaky clean effect. I love how it refreshes my skin during summers. So far, both these products haven’t given any skin problems.


After 14 days of use, My skin is soft and smooth even though I didn’t use it  everyday. My skin is bright and radiant.

You can also claim your FREE sample of Garnier white complete fairness cream by  filling this registration form http://7daygarnierchallenge.com/ Team Garnier India will send you the sample to your postal address. After using the cream for 7 days, you have to share your feedback/experience with #7DayGarnierChallenge


Lucky winners will be selected from the feedback entries and they will win a Garnier Gift Hamper.

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