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Vol I – Upcoming Posts & On My Testing Table !!

PR Sample

Hi All,

Lets begin with a welcome July.
Its weekend again. I feel 2014 is on fire and time just flies !!
One more exam tomorrow and I will be back to blogging. I received a lot of product review requests last month and it is raining samples. I am still awaiting more parcels. No worries coz it wont affect my opinion and I will review it not before 2-3 weeks of testing.Skincare products need atleast 30 days for testing before any opinion is formed. Also the results may vary according to the skin-type. All these are on my testing table table from the past month and I have been trying these out one by one.
The weather is mixed here. For one hour its damn hot and suddenly it gets cloudy. Sorry for the not so clear pics coz its cloudy or rainy most of the time and hardly any light.
Also it is my birthday month and I am not going to buy anything this time as I intend to save more money for my future purchases 😀
Lets view a sneak peek of the upcoming posts !!
I am really excited to try these products.
1) Sigma

2) Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit 

3) Garnier Good Bye Damage and Long & Strong Hair-care Range

4) Kama Ayurveda 

5) Auravedic

6) Dr.Batra’s Skin Care Range

7) Lass naturals

8) Reelle France Snail Extract Skin Care

9) Kronocare

10) Sweat Shirt – Any Guesses Which Site?? 
11) Circle Lens – Stay tuned to know more 🙂

Phew !! That’s a lot of goodies!! I am having a tough time testing all of them and preparing the reviews. Watch out for the individual reviews and let me know if you want me to review any of these first !!
The best thing is that many of these are natural and luxurious products !!
Until Next Time,