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popular wedding jewellery design

5 Popular Wedding Jewellery Design Types That Never Get Old

Hello All,

When it comes to brides in India, the most notable thing about them is the amount of jewelry they wear and how beautiful they look. The gold and other precious stones just covering the body and the amazing way that they make the bride glow during her special day are just mesmerizing.

The most popular designs that have never gone out of fashion and have stood the test of time are some of the styles that even today can make your heart skip a beat. The top 5 most popular styles are,

  1. Kundan:

Kundan jewelry is one of the most royal jewelry of them all since this type of jewelry that had existed during the Mughal times and to this day is one of the most stunning jewelry. Since it uses the purest form of gold which is the refined 24 karat gold. It usually has on it some amazing precious stones that will make anyone’s eyes pop at the very sight of it.


This is a type of jewelry that has gained popularity not only in India but all over the world. This type of jewelry design is very colorful and it is for those who like to express themselves. It is sometimes based on the back of the Kundan jewelry and hence making it a nice feature to flip the jewelry over and still wear something very nice.

3. Jadau:

This is a form of jewelry which is defined by the engravings and how well the stones are placed in the piece. The gold earrings design will be the way to go with this type of jewelry since the Jadau will be done justice only with such a set.


Lac or Laquer jewelry is a type of jewelry which has a different pigment embedded on them and they look amazing since it is not the traditional gold color and that it is a different route to take from the regular norm of bridal jewelry. It is most popular in Rajasthan but also has a good presence around the world.

5. Panchchikam:

It is a very old style of jewelry which is very fragile. It uses silver, unlike most jewelry that uses gold. The gold pendant price is quite high and hence it will make more sense to go this route if you want to save some money on the jewelry that you are going to wear as a bride.

More than anything, the jewelry that the bride wears should suit their style and mannerisms and hence choosing the right style of jewelry is very crucial. Primarily so that the bride looks perfect on her special day. With the traditions of the old fading and the new kinds of artwork and the new trends, it is nice to see that the one thing that makes India one of the most unique places on earth is still the same after so many decades and even in some cases centuries.

Thank you.!