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Hangover Kit by Dottedi !!

A Modern Day Recovery Kit by Dottedi !!

Hello All,


I had introduced you to Dottedi before by reviewing their Spa Bucket Hamper.


Dottedi is a Bangalore based online gifting portal. Dottedi delivers PAN INDIA. The entrepreneur Naadia vowed to never give Indians an excuse to NOT surprise their friends or family.


Hangover Kit by Dottedi


It’s almost surprising to see little smiley-faces when opening the dottedi’s hampers and gifts.


I was also sent this A Modern Day Recovery – Hangover Kit by Dottedi.


Are you a person who parties all night long, times when letting your hair loose and dancing away until wee hours ?? There are times when we gulp down excess shots. And the very next day you are left with a terrible hangover. You feel like taking a day off from work or school on sick grounds. Your brain takes a lot of time to return to the normal baseline.  Hangovers can be non-alcoholic induced too like deprivation of sleep, a day out in the sun, music festival, heavy swimming, traveling etc. The ill effects of a hangover are many like a headache, body pain, bad breath, metallic taste in mouth, nausea and vomiting, loss of energy etc.


Hangover Kit by Dottedi !!


Well,  If you are looking for a cure to help your buddies or yourself to get over from a hangover, then here is an easy solution that will sooth you instantly.


The hangover kit comes packed in a sleek multicolored rectangular tin with vintage prints and first aid symbol on it. The packaging says “works wonders”. The packaging is funky.


Hangover Kit by Dottedi


The kit contains – 


Eye mask, Ice pack, Funky band aids, Party Smart pills, Oral re-hydration salts and mouth-freshening chewing gum


Eye mask: This mask will help you have a restful, undisturbed sleep.


Ice Pack: Use the ice pack to take away those headaches and joint pains.


Band-aids: The funky band-aids cover any embarrassing marks, bites or scratches. They are good conversation starters too post partying.


Party pills: If you need help to get moving, after consuming excess alcohol, try these pills. It will reverse the effects. Or if you want to be well prepared in advance, carry these pills with you and use it after the party.


Electrals: It’s time to say “sorry” to your body and replenish it with some nutrient salts, vitamins, and minerals. This will reenergize you and prevent dehydration.

Mints: The gum helps to refresh and get rid off bad breath or taste from your mouth, especially if you are in a hurry.

Hangover Kit by Dottedi !!


Please note that this product has been tried and tested on a range of hungover humans and not animals.


If you are not addicted to drinks, you might think you don’t need this. You are wrong. This kit has been my savior many a time. It is handy for occasions like New Year’s Eve. I use it to soothe my migraine. The eye mask is damn cute and the mints are yummy too. This Hangover Kit by Dottedi is like godsend to me.


If this has post has interested you, Check out DOTTEDi surprises !!


Product Description: 


So, in retrospect, perhaps the 6th vodka wasn’t quite the best decision. Or maybe it was the 3rd tequila shot that did you in. Or could it have been the Jaeger-bomb you wanted to end the night with?

All you know right now is that your head feels like a sagging sack of bricks and the world as you know it seems to be ending.


Well, cheer up! Here’s a quick fix that can perk you up, bring the sunshine flooding back in and have you speeding off to your brunch/office/in-laws in 30 minutes flat.

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