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Hi dolls,
Gifts are experiences to be treasured forever according to me. I am a kind of person who goes shopping and come home with nothing or clothes that end up not of proper size.Most things involve risk (worst case is, I won’t use/wear it).
photography backdrops
I am gonna share with you today one shopping experience that drove me crazy!!
Wanna know how I messed it…..Then read on….
I have a very close friend whom I knew through Facebook. And for previous years friendship day he had sent me a surprise gift.
What can I say.is it a dream or is it something real? Did it really happen? Did it for real?
I couldn’t believe it. But who doesn’t love surprises: P
The gift I got was a playboy perfume. I loved the gift and to thank him I wanted to send him a special gift too.
It’s my turn to shine this time: D
So the next day I came back from my college, ate lunch and went up to my friends.
I had so much confusion about the gift I wanted to choose. And the worst thing is asking your friends or someone because everyone gave a different opinion and my brain was flooded with choices.
I wanted the gift to be something useful and something that the person likes. I couldn’t ask him too as I didn’t want to give him any clue about the gift.
The next day as planned I hang out with my friends to purchase the gift and headed to a mall near my home.
There were a lot of shops. My friends attacked the ice cream corner and I went inside the gift shop “XPRESSIONS”
They had many counters like Jewellery • Handbags & Accessories • Perfumes • Home Decor • Clothes • Hand crafts and so many
Each visit to this shop is a unique experience for me because there’s always something new to discover and tons of fun items that we can’t find anywhere else.
I had never purchased gift for a guy before.
I was glancing through the gifts and I never knew how much time flied. Hours had passed and my friends were all gone. I still hadn’t purchased. I was so nervous. But the girl at the store was so sweet. I told I’m looking to present and searching for a gift for my friend and she helped me pick a gift quickly. She handed over me a gift and told me that is fast moving new arrival and has discount too.
It was a memento like thing about friendship with cute notes and etchings.It was like a show piece. It was so attractive with lights and music. It’s hard to ignore a good thing.I wholeheartedly support budget-conscious shopping.So I nodded to pack it.
It was not heavy and made of some breakage free material. So I need not have to worry about damage. I told her to bubble wrap and make the packaging an attractive one.
While I was at the billing counter to pay another lady was there before me and both of our packages were similar. I had told the girl to place a label and not to write anything as I wanted to keep a personal note in it after going home. The shopkeeper asked for change and the lady turned back and accidently hit me.Our gifts fell down and I picked mine. She went telling sorry.
After that I paid my bill, took an auto and reached home.
I couriered the gift to him with immense pleasure. It took ages to reach him (huh!! I felt I’m screwed!! Damn courier services!)
The wait was finally over and he received the gift!
I signed into online as I surfed the net. The small messenger sign in box appeared at the right corner and I saw him “online”.my heart skipped a beat because I was too excited about the complements about my gift! I was expecting too much!
Me : hiii J**blushing**
Him : hi ! Got your gift!
Me: did you like it !
Him: ??????
Guess what had happened ?
The lady who hit me Na; her gift had swapped with mine. I had taken her box and she mine.we didn’t know.
Can you guess what he got?
The biggest disaster I ever faced.
He was like what the hell!! **** !!
He got a women’s lingerie box.
OMG! It really drove me crazy! I was very embarrassed and I heard bad words from him.
Ha ha ! lol ! I didn’t knew whether to laugh or cry. I was reluctant to face him after that incident though he said he can understand 😛
I had to explain the whole drama L


From that day I never gift any items. I just gift shopping vouchers so that they can purchase whatever they like.
THIS IS JUST ONE INCIDENT WHERE I HAD TO SCRATCH MY HEAD. I am sure many of you will have faced similar situations.
Today there are a lot of online shopping sites and I guess shopping vouchers are the best gifts. Moreover its hassle free!
Recently I was introduced to a website called Badhai.in which has amazing features of gifting.
Choice to Recipients
Badhai lets the recipient chooses the gift. Further, Badhai vouchers can be split into smaller amounts and used across more than one brands.
Shopping on-the-go
Recipients can claim their gift through IVR or Mobile App and proceed for shopping at their favourite store. There is an option for social gifting too.
Stores & websites like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons,Lifestyle, Flipkart, Travelguru, snapdeal,yebhi  etc are all part of this Badhai gift voucher. Badhai provides live support too.
We don’t have to google anymore “gifting ideas for friends” or whatever. Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift that shows how much you care from badhai.in
Gifting is no more tedious. It’s  fun with badhai.in!
No more confusions, no more worries, no more wastage of time .Its time to bid bye bye to the old methods and freak out! it’s time to change the way you gift!
Do check out Badhai.in and you will experience for yourselves how gifting is made simple.
Do leave your valuable comments if you like my article ! Do share your incidents too ! J
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