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Here is an article from one of our readers-Mehek Mahtani-A homemaker presently living in Kolkata, a postgraduate in Commerce from Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune.  Was awarded the Best Student of the Year in 1985 in college. Interested in cooking, reading, writing articles for magazines and have free lanced on several occasions. 
Let’s go through her views on beauty
Beauty is a very subjective issue for what one may perceive as beautiful may not be the same as what another may think on the same issue or person.  However, I perceive that in order to see beauty in someone or something, one must cultivate the quality of being beautiful from within.  A jaundiced eye can only see all things yellow, so also a person who is biased or judgmental can never aspire to catch the real essence of beauty.  In this vein, Ralph Waldo Emerson once commented that, “We travel the world over to find the beautiful, but we must carry it with us or find it not.”  Only a truly beautiful person can see loveliness in another. 
The great poet and Nobel laureate Tagore opined, “O Beauty, find thyself in love, not in the flattery of thy mirror.”  This could not be nearer the truth for physical beauty is momentary, but, the beauty that one perceives in the eyes of one’s beloved is of prime value.  There is an age at which a woman has to be beautiful in order to be loved and then comes the age at which she has to be loved in order to stay beautiful.  Beauty is not only skin deep, but, lies in the innermost recess of one’s soul.  This inner beauty is not momentary or transitory but outlives one’s physical form which vanishes and passes away.  Like, a rose in full bloom is beautiful and even after its withering; leaves behind a lingering fragrance that is reminiscent of its beautiful life, however brief. 
Martin Buxbaum once said that some people no matter how old they get never lose their beauty—they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.  This is the innate magic of real beauty which is not confined to the physical self.  Only that can be considered truly beautiful and worthy of sanction that makes it the purpose of life to do well onto others so that the beauty of their thoughts and actions can continue to light someone else’s life even after the benefactor is dead and gone.  The beauty of the sunbeam lies partly in the fact that the sun does not keep it; he gives it away to us all. 
Beauty in fact is as old as the world and as new as a moment.  No makeup aid in the world can compensate for lack of beauty of the soul.  In fact, the best cosmetic in the world is an active mind that is always finding something new.  Beautiful thoughts make a beautiful soul and a beautiful soul makes a beautiful face.  Even devoid of makeup but wearing a cheery face and smile are enough yardsticks for one to be termed as beautiful.

 Beauty is a state of mind and if one’s thoughts are spotless and positive and one is contented and forgiving, then Nature’s own beauty treatment that will show up as a glow on the visage which would beat all expensive lotions and potions.  A thorough zest for life and living would add that extra edge to any person who would glow in body, spirit, mind and soul.  So, if a person wants to be beautiful the mantra is simple, he/she would have to spend a minute before the mirror, five before his/her soul and fifteen before God.  That good karma leads to a real beautiful self is undeniable.  So, let’s hear it for the beauty of the persona all rolled in one!