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What type of hair brush to choose for your hair ?

Use these brushes to create different hair styles. Each brush serves a different purpose. No more confusion regarding selection of brushes. Read on and rediscover your style.
Paddle Brush:
Suits for people with long hair. Keep strands looking fine. It gives hair a straight flattened look and finishing to waves/curls. This brush is flat and wide and can penetrate through thick hair and gives a stimulating massage. This brush has wide tooth. They prevent long hair from being stretched, split, or broken as they are designed in a way to collapse when they meet any kind of resistance.

Vent Brush: 
Used when Blow Drying. Vents meaning opening at the bristles. They have higher gap between the bristles in these types of brushes. The openings allow heat to pass through from the hair dryer. This helps in quickly drying the hair as well as setting it nicely. Gives a volumised look to the hair. The ends of the bristles have tiny, protective balls to guard hair against damage. These types of brushes have superior air flow and the bristles are flexible.
Cushioned Brush:
This category of brushes includes the oval-shaped brush with a padded head where the bristles are attached for regular brushing of the hair. Cushion brushes have a soft cushion base with bristles on one side and are used to comb hair without volume. Used for short to medium hair lengths that isn’t too dense.
Round Brush: 
They have a round barrel for a definite movement. Use a round brush for your hair to have some bend or curl.Gives maximum lift and height.
Styling Brush: 
They have no vents and backing. The bristles are on one side only and form a half circle bend. They are easy to use but lack tension.  It is lighter, smaller. They have five, seven, or nine rows of bristles and helps achieve any style we prefer in a sleek manner.

De-tangling Brush:
For smooth, pain-free detangling. Reduced hair loss and breakage. DE-frizzes the hair.
Flat Brush: For regular brushing and daily use.
Choose the bristles carefully. They are of different types too like metal, ceramic, boar, nylon, plastic, porcupine etc.

Make sure you use a proper brush next time and your hair will love you.
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