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Khadi Aloe and Jojoba Hair Conditioner Review !

PR Sample

Healthy Hair is one of the biggest gift for women. It lacks lusture due to dirt, pollution etc. Winter time is up and not only skin gets dry and flaky but also hair. Hair tends to become brittle and you may experience more hairfall. Following up with a conditioner is must.
The Khadi Shop contacted us and sent us a few products for review. They also featured us as one of the best blogs in India. It is really exciting and encouraging. Thanks to The Khadi Shop and great to know that we are one of their favourite bloggers. You can now buy Khadi Products online from the comfort of your home as The Khadi Shop has an online store meant exclusively for Khadi Products. I tried Khadi Aloe and Jojoba Hair conditioner and here is my take on it.

Product Claim:

Hair can absorb the goodness of Aloe Vera up to 7 layers deep and Jojoba adds shine, elasticity and softness to your hair. Just use a generous helping of this conditioner and let it work its magic.
Price: Rs 99 for 110 ml
Availability: Online and in Khadi stores. Buy this now via Khadishop
Ingredients Aloe-Vera, Jojoba Oil, Honey, Cream Base, Preservatives, Distilled Water
Directions: Apply after shampooing your hair, keep it for 2-5 minutes .Rinse clean.
My Take:

The conditioner comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black flip cap. The packaging is very simple. It is travel friendly and convinient.
The conditioner is milky white in colour. It has a creamy buttery consistency.  It is not thick. It is like body lotions – neither thick nor runny.
I used the conditioner on wet hair after shampooing. The conditioner is mild and gentle type. It didn’t control frizz and gave me smooth silky hair like Tressemme or any other chemical based conditioners. It gave me soft supple hair when compared to my actual dry rough hair. It is a herbal conditioner so dont expect high results and dont compare with chemical based ones.
It spreads easily on hair. The fragrance is okayish and not heavy. It has a mild herbal scent. It adds little bounce to my hair but I find that It doesn’t add any lusture. My hair feels soft. A little frizz still remains. Hairfall is comparatively less due to fewer chemicals.
It takes more quantity to give decent results. The conditioner gets emptied quickly as a result.The price is not heavy.
I am not satisfied completely with this product and I am not dissatisfied too. Its a decent conditioner and I am comfortable using it although the results aren’t magical.
It is a wonderful change from chemical based beauty routine to natural one using Khadi herbal products. The conditioning effect is very minimum and this conditioner is not so effective in taming unruly hair.
  • Contains Aloe and Jojoba
  • No side effects
  • Mild and gentle
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Herbal and natural
  • Non bothersome fragrance
  • Simplicity
  • Affordable
  • Makes hair somewhat supple, bouncy and soft
  • Hairfall is less when you compare to the results given by chemical products
  • Comfortable to use
  • Travel friendly
  • Minimum conditioning effect
  • Takes a huge quantity to give soft hair
  • Gets emptied quickly
  • Doesn’t add shine
  • Doesn’t control frizz
  • Contains preservatives
  • Poor, unattractive packaging
Overall Thoughts:
Those who wash your hair quite frequently or almost daily then this conditioner will work very well as it is mild. I am not sure how it works for oily hair. It suits dry damaged hair. This product is neither a miss nor a hit. No harm in trying as it is chemical free. Try to use it with a Khadi shampoo of your choice. I rate it 3/5. Mixing a part of Khadi Shampoo with Khadi conditioner and using helps a bit. It makes a good everyday hair cleanser duo with a Khadi Shampoo. I like to use it when I wash my hair frequently. I love the simplicity of Khadi products.