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Less is More Organic Haircare !!

Less is More Organic Haircare !!

Hey All,

Less is More is a shampoo and haircare product brand founded in 2005. They are based in Austria.

Less Is More’s collection of organic and professional haircare is born from the union of Hannes Trummer, a skilled hair stylist from Vienna, and Doris Brandhuber, a chemist specialist in biomimetics. Less is More hair care products combine active natural ingredients with organic essential oils to enhance efficiency and well-being. The brand is little known in India but they have a promising future and great potential.

Less is More Organic Haircare !!

I had the opportunity to try out some of their amazing products in the hair care range. I have medium length, chemically treated straight hair. It’s slightly damaged and relatively difficult to maintain because of its frizzy nature.

Less is More Hair Care products contain the goodness of pure essential oils, bioactive plant oils, butter, aloe vera juice and other herbal extracts that are beneficial for hair and scalp. All of their products are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrance, silicones, parabens, and sulfates.

I was sent the following products:

  • Less is More Lindengloss Shampoo
  • Less is More Lindengloss Conditioner
  • Less is More Elderflower Salt Spray
  • Less is More Protein Spray
  • Less is More Aloe Mint Volume Shampoo

The packaging is very sleek and beautiful with the italic Less is More logo, black and white label, combined with a hint of color really sets the brand apart. The plastic bottle with dispenser pump is of excellent quality. The bottles are sturdy and travel-friendly.


The Lindengloss shampoo is specifically designed for damaged, colour-treated hair. The shampoo lathers well and feels so moisturizing. My hair feels light like a feather after using it. I use it once a week. I have fine, thin hair. This shampoo is made from Linden flower obtained by steam distillation of the flowers. It is delicately scented with a relaxing, scalp soothing effect.

This shampoo did not make my scalp itchy in the winter time. My hair did not feel greasy or limp for 2-3 days. It leaves a vanilla scent on my hair and the smell lingers too for a day or two. It is a great shampoo for dry, frizzy or damaged hair types. The formula feels rich and leaves my hair shiny.

Less is More Organic Haircare !! Less is More Organic Haircare !! Less is More Organic Haircare !! Less is More Organic Haircare !!


The LindenGloss Conditioner is rich and creamy with good slip. The honeysuckle fragrance is yummy. The product has been specially designed for color-treated and damaged hair. This was a travel sized pack that I could take away. It lasted me a couple of weeks and I couldn’t snap it. I have been pleased with the results given by this conditioner. My hair was tangle free and felt hydrated after using this. The bioactive ingredients listed are wheatgerm oil, cistus, and soy. The ingredients repairs your hair; leaves it shiny and protects it. Less is More Lindengloss Conditioner is nourishing.

Less is More Organic Haircare !!


The protein spray is suitable for all hair types. It protects the hair from heat styling. I spray it onto damp hair, comb it through evenly and then blow-dry my hair. My hair feels soft and free from flyaways. This spray is conditioning and hydrating. It does not weigh hair down at all. The smell is wonderful due to the presence of flower waters, essential oils and a mixture of rose+orange blossom. Perfect for summer !!

Less is More Organic Haircare !! Less is More Organic Haircare !! Lace Hair Systems UK

LESS IS MORE ALOE MINT VOLUME SHAMPOO: This shampoo contains Aloe Vera extracts and peppermint essential oil. It is moisturizing, cooling soothing and promotes cell renewal in the scalp. It refreshes and cleanses hair well. This shampoo is designed for fine to normal, oily hair. It is also clarifying due to forest honey and horsetail extracts. The shampoo lathers incredibly well. The consistency is runny but you only need a small amount for it to work properly. Peppermint leaves a tingling sensation. I love its fresh, subtle fragrance. his was a travel sized pack that I could take away. It lasted me a couple of weeks and I couldn’t snap it.

Less is More Organic Haircare !!


This spray suits all hair types and can be used as a styling finish agent. It leaves an easy beach look. Use this texturizing and moisture-rich styling spray to create tousled beach waves, structure & soft hold, sassy volume & body with a matt finish. The spray is ideal preparation for updos and braids, particularly for fine and straight hair.  The spray is loaded with 100% *certified organic essences of Elderflower, Petitgrain Clementine, and Orange Blossom. It leaves a summer feeling. It is also refreshing and scalp soothing.

Less is More Organic Haircare !! Less is More Organic Haircare !! Less is More Organic Haircare !! Lace Front Hair System Uk

Less is More has become my favorite top haircare line for me. I love their hair care range. The products are pure luxury!! For those who want their hair care products to be eco-friendly, without cutting down on efficacy, do check out the brand Less is More. Check out the missed snap of Aloe Mint Shampoo and Lindengloss Conditioner in my Instagram Post here.

Organic Goodness for the hair from @lessismorenews #haircare #organic #lessismore

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