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Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Clinix !!

Hello All,


Due to stress, pollution and effects of chemical processing, my hair became dry, damaged, dull and prone to breakage. My hair badly needed a TLC.


So when an email hit my mailbox from Schwarzkopf PR team inviting me to try out their new BC Fibre Clinix, I knew my hair was in for a treat!


The all-new BC Fibre Clinix by Schwarzkopf Professional is an in-salon hair treatment with customized services for different hair types. Fibre Clinix is salon exclusive.


 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix


Fibre Clinix, brings you the most powerful repair regime ever with the Triple Bonding and C21  Bonacure Micellar Technology. It is indeed a milestone in hair reparation because it gives results comparable to virgin hair quality. The triple-charged ion creates a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fibre, increasing elasticity and makes it stronger. C21 Technology conditions and restores lipid chains bringing the hair follicles closer to natural perfection.


 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix


What results to expect from this treatment: 


Improved shine, manageability, outstanding resilience and natural movement of your locks. Honestly, my hair feels much healthier, frizz free and hydrated. My locks feel so soft and silky. The Fibre Clinix treatment definitely rejuvenates and repairs your hair.


Step by Step through the treatment process:


  1. Diagnose: My hairdresser analyzed my hair, studied the hair type, hair problems, and products I already use. Based on this consultation, he suggested a suitable treatment for me. My hair texture is fine and limp. I had done keratin smoothening almost a year back. Your hair stylist may use the Hair Expert App for easy diagnosis.
  2. Cleanse: I got my hairwash done.  Tribond Shampoo is used to gently cleanse your hair and prepare it for the Fibre Clinix Service.


 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix


3.  Treat & Boost: Choose between two BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment –  for coarse or fine hair which helps in reconstruction. Pick your potion from the five boosters on offer in the range! Set your hair with a blow dry. These repairing treatments are tailored as per specific hair concerns.

 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix

4. Prolong at Home: You can maintain at home with the recommended BC Bonacure care range! The effects may last up to 60 days. I was suggested to use products from the Hyaluronic Moisture range.

 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix


  • Peptide Rescue Booster for damaged hair
  • Hyaluronic Moisture Booster for normal to dry hair
  • pH 4.5 Colour Booster for colored hair
  • Collagen Volume Booster for fine hair
  • Keratin Smooth Booster for coarse and/or unmanageable hair

 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix

My treatment continued with Fine hair mask with Hyaluronic Moisture Booster and Peptide Repair Booster. The treatment is applied only to hair ends/strands and not to the scalp area. You have to sit with the treatment for 15 mins. Post rinsing off the treatment, my stylist applied moisturizing spray and curl defining cream to my locks. Usually, I let my hair air dry so that I don’t have to use the hairdryer. The stylist used a diffuser attachment on the dryer. This defined my curls and minimized the use of heat. The whole procedure took about thirty minutes only from start to finish.

 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix

After the treatment:

 Schwarzkopf BC FibreClinix

What I liked about this treatment:


  • Instant, transformative results
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Tailor-made ingredients with customization/personalization
  • Affordable
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Quick Service – takes only 20-30 minutes in total
  • Noticeable finish that reverses damage
  • Simple 3-step regime


Who can benefit from this treatment:


Those who suffer from damaged/weakened hair due to repeated chemical influences like coloring, straightening, smoothening etc. Those with dull, dry and frizzy un-ruly hair due to stress, pollution etc. as these mechanical influences also affect our hair’s integrity in different ways. The treatment will benefit hair that is porous, lacks strength and is prone to breakage.


Do give BC Fibre Clinix a try and your locks will thank you 🙂


Note: I was invited to a free trial by the Brand however this has not affected my opinion in any manner.