Datsun’s redi-GO – The Best In Class !!
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Datsun’s redi-GO – The Best In Class !!

Hey All,

Datsun is gearing up for the launch of the rediGO in India. redi-GO is India’s first ever urban cross. It seems like a dream launch for Nissan.The redi-Go is Datsun’s third model in India. The previous ones were Go hatchback and Go+ MPV. redi-GO is a unique fusion of compact crossover & urban hatchback and offers the best of both worlds. redi-GO seems very compelling and looks like it is a head turner on the road.

I would like to test redi-GO in Bangalore. Bangalore is my favourite city and redi-GO is the perfect car to drive in a modern city like Bangalore. I like that redi-GO is peppy,zippy and spacious. Right from features to performance, redi-GO will never disappoint. redi-GO can help me beat my urban driving blues. It is packed with advanced features that we have never seen before.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. redi-GO is just brilliant.

Here are some of the redi-GO features that I felt are appealing :

Design: The redi-GO looks very modern. with its edgy design. The front-end is appealing especially with that silver touch, sharp cut from the front door to tail lights and with the sloping hood that extends into the grille. Even the tailgate is designed in an unique fashion. The overall look of the car is eye-catching. redi-GO is five exterior colour options — ruby red, white, silver, lime green and grey but I love that bright shade of green. Headlights with split design looks fab. There are LED DRLs but they are tiny. Day time running lamps provide you added safety.

Interior: The interior is sporty and spacious. There is enough room for five people and luggage. The dashboard is grey and its layout looks beautiful. There is a digital tachometer and drive computer to know about fuel economy. The fabric too feel premium. You have audio systems too inside it if you are a music lover. There are cool features like power windows, 5-speed manual transmission, shift indicator and AC.

Engine: With i-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) Engine, it is possible to automatically adjust spark timing in response to fuel quality and power requirement.The engine gives maximum efficency.

Fuel Economy: The 799cc engine provides a good response. There is an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/L. Enjoy your drive without worries.

Performance and Comfort: You are sure to get a smooth performance. The heightened stance on the Datsun redi-GO puts your head and shoulders above those around you and offers you a wide view. The high ground clearance of the redi-GO helps you deal with low obstacles. With Redi Go, you can drive comfortably. Datsun Prosafe 7 features will make you feel safe, secure, reliable and confident.

Datsun has surely stepped up with the redi-GO. It has got youthful appeal, decent ride quality, affordable price tag, yakun design and Japanese technology. I feel redi-GO will definitely stay ahead of its competitors. We have to wait and see if this new offering from Datsun becomes a success story. Let’s hope redi-GO delivers what it promises.