Tokyo – My Dream Destination !!
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Tokyo – My Dream Destination !!

Hey All,

The best part about traveling is that the more you travel, the more you want to travel. Backpacking is such a craze for me.

In 2000, I visited many countries like Paris, Thailand, China and Malaysia as a part of sponsored tour arranged by the Company my dad worked for. I was a kid at that time. I enjoyed the experience. Those destinations were never been on my mind. Those places seemed so far and I was damn surprised when out of nowhere I visited the countries. Since then I love travelling and I make a wishlist every year.

Tokyo had been on my must-see list for so long. There is something that strikes me about Japan. I think my Tokyo travel wish started due to my love for Japanese candy boxes, stationery, their cute items and beauty products. I so love the Japanese culture. Tokyo is a massive city. It is unpredictable. One can see green tea, monasteries, sushi bamboo tables, zen music, tunas, Kawaii clothes and little streets everywhere. The city is very serene.

Tokyo, the Japanese capital is leading be it fashion, food, cosmetics or technology.

Usually when we go on a holiday to any unknown place, we will be full of confusions and worries. I want to book my International Flights without much thought or hesitation the next time I tick off Tokyo from my travel list. I wish to explore each bit of this city without an itinerary.

The pink Cherry Blossoms are one thing that I admire in Tokyo.

Inokashira Park with beautiful swan shaped boats on the lake is one happy spot in Tokyo. One can rent these boats and spend time in the water. Meguro river with over 800 cherry trees by its side is an amazing  sight. A walk by this river will definitely feel heavenly.

You can find lot of geek shops, beauty stalls, discount stores and malls in and around Akihabara area.It is a go to place for shopping.

There is a famous buddhist temple at Senso-Ji. Meiji Shrine is another beautiful and peaceful place with majestic tree lined entrance. Dont miss out Ghibli museumTokyo Tower is one of the most famous attractions in Tokyo and was built in the year 1958.

Tokyo Disney Sea inspired by myths and legends of the sea is unique to Japan. Then, you have Odaiba, a Japanese high-tech shopping, restaurant and entertainment area. It is located on a man made island in Tokyo Bay. One of Japan’s most important and popular travel attractions is the  Tokyo Imperial Palace, where the Emperor and Empress reside. The castle is surrounded by a water-filled moat, parks and tree-covered grounds. The beautiful Niju-bashi Bridge is a photo spot. Tokyo Disneyland is Japan’s version of the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. You can enjoy a fun filled day at this theme park.  Roppongi Hills is a complex with garden, cinema, loads of shops, cafes and restaurants. It is a  skyscrapercity with active night life.

The best time to visit Tokyo is in the fall and spring, when temperature is cool and the scenery is breath taking. Transportation is not a problem in Tokyo. Tokyo also offers an unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining.  Tokyo is a mega city and you need proper planning for your trip.  Tokyo has loads to offer even tough it is a busy bustling city. I plan to visit Tokyo by next year. I might book Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Tokyo is one of my dream destination where some day very soon I will step my foot on it.  Japan is my ultimate dream destination.

What’s on your travel bucket list for 2016?