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Fitness Talk – Mind your Diet manage your Waist!!


Woman undergoes stress as much as men, if not more. Being a housewife is often considered as a less stressful profession; this however is a gross misconception. The sheer amount of effort and planning that goes into building and maintaining a household is worth mention. The same goes for working women. While managing all the roles of mother, manager, cook, women often neglect themselves, and their diet. Ignoring healthy diet and exercise means compromising with health. It often leads to various health conditions.

There are many things that affect the health of working women, right from the less than healthy office snacks, to late working hours and posture.While we all know what needs to be done and what must be avoided, we all end up doing what we are not supposed to, for reasons that often aren’t under our control.

The best way to stick to your diet schedule is to make a chart and put one up on your refrigerator so that you see it first thing in the morning. Place a replica of the plan at your workstation.Some advance planning for the entire week’s meal could be of some help. Involving your better half, friend, family member in your diet plan will ensure that they eat healthy too.
Here are a few tips that will help you stay healthier without it affecting your daily schedule:
  • Eating homemade food: Your cafeteria may be serving delicious snacks, but nothing beats homemade food, which is prepared keeping in mind your diet needs and is comparatively fresh.
  •  Balance diet: A balanced diet is one which has right amount of nutrients in form of pulses, green vegetables, salads, fruits and yogurt.
  • In between snacks: Having small snacks in between meals will help you feel fresh and will stop you from craving for unhealthy snacks. Keep dry fruits handy in your drawer for those hunger pangs.
  • Getting high on water: Having eight glasses of water every day is good for your system. Always  carry a bottle of water and keep sipping at regular intervals. Remember, the brain often confuses thirst for hunger.
  • Do not miss Breakfast: Do not miss breakfast at any cost. It is the most important meal of the day.
  • Say no to junk and processed food: Junk food is a major culprit in adding those inches to your waistline, hence stay away from it, no matter how healthy or ‘calorie free’ they claim to be.
  • Low on caffeine: Switch to tea from coffee, and gradually to herbal tea. Herbal tea has antioxidants which does wonders for your skin and maintains the calcium levels in your body.
  • Alcohol: Distance yourself from Alcohol, as it can wreak havoc with your body. 
Mantra for good health

A diet need not lack taste and flavour, so pick and choose the vegetables and fruits you like most. If you’re someone who enjoys non veg, boiled variants of your favourite chicken and fish meals can be a great addition to your diet.The first step towards living a healthier, happier life is to eat well, and eat good. Devise a diet plan and follow it religiously.
Author: Amelia Smith
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