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Gifting Ideas for Newly Married from Polonapolona!

Hello All,

As someone said, Marriage is an endless sleepover with your favorite weirdo! So find the best gift for those weirdo’s are bit confusing.  

The purpose is gifting is that, it should be useful in one or the other way by the receiver. Gifting something expensive and they not making use of it or not knowing how to use it just a waste of money.  It’s is something, which you would like to receive for yourself, so whenever you make a choice, think that it’s for you, it’s so obvious that you will anyways prefer to get something that you love.

So whenever, we think of gifting someone, the first thing that strikes our mind is a Mug, yes, the old trend still follows. But I would say that gifting someone the right Mug would be a right decision, because, whenever they use it, it reminds them of us, maybe that could be just until the last sip of their Coffee is done, still, that’s the first thing they would prefer when up from bed.

Now the toughest part is to find the right Mug’s. Name imprinted & Couple photos; that trend have now completely passed. So gifting something like that would make you a trend back person.  

Now let’s come to the selection of Mugs, the best material which I would suggest is get porcelain ones that the normal ceramic mugs.

There are many benefits of choosing it, below are a few:

  • It’s harder than Ceramic
  • It gives a better design flexibility.
  • Made out of Clay and other natural occurring materials.
  • Clay used to make the porcelain are more pure and refined.
  • It conserves hear for a longer time.

Let me just showing you some cool Mugs.

AUDREY, the fair one, 35cl mug

“Audrey ….says : „my fair coffee“”

Don’t you think this could be great choice for your lady bride who loves coffee?

This is made of porcelain and is safe to use in micro ovens.

The highlight is that you don’t have to find a separate box to pack it up before gifting. This is pre packed in a lovely gift box. Impressed?  Check out the other one below for your Bridegroom.

KURT, the delicious one, 35cl mug

Kurt says: „smells like coffee“

A perfect gift to your Bridegroom, it makes it more perfect, if he’s a coffee addict. All the features remain the same.

So the next question, where do I get this from? These are handcrafted by Polonapolona. They are founded on 2013 and they make the coolest cups…they draw interpretations of honorable literati, prominent historical figures, rock’n’roll legends, fallen heroes and upstanding citizens and put them on best kind of porcelain cups. Their theme “Cups with personality” should be their unique selling point and hats off to that awesome and creative theme. Don’t forget to visit them to find your own Cups with personality.