Masala Works, A Must Have For Your Home!

Masala Works

Hello All,

Many of many friends have asked me why you give more importance to decorating your home. So, this post is for them and for the ones who loves to decorate their home with some awesome stuff.

So here we go!

The decoration and look of the house play a major role in influencing the mood of the place.  I feel that a good looking house is good for getting freed of unease and strain.

Your home should not only deliver you with a place to return to at the end of each day, it should also give you a sole atmosphere that enriches your well-being.  The relaxation of your family and guests is determined by the different facets of home decor that you slot in.

I love decorating my home With Accessories and it’s amazing to see how small decorative bits and pieces can make a huge impact in a room. And I always suggest going with Choosing Quality over Quantity.

Let me introduce some of the cool pieces of stuff from Masala works, which would definitely add some soul to your beautiful home.

Masala work, they are a Mumbai based Décor Company which creates unique, exciting homes decor products & fashion accessories. They have started their operations in 2012 and their products mainly include cushions, boxes, coasters, trivets, table mats, scarves.

Below is itemized a very small cross section of home decor items that you can choose from to beautify and heighten your home. Always remember to blend colors, covers, and textures by picking pieces of capricious altitudes, sizes, and flairs.

Tropical green foliage Tray

This is Inspired from foliage designs, this tray is great for parties and celebrations, or simply to add to the beauty of your kitchen/dining room.  The handles on the side make it easy to carry and serve. It is perfect for regular use or can be a unique gifting option as well.

It’s made with medium density fiberboard, the tray can be easily cleaned.

 It can hold up to 2-3 glasses.

Pair with the Persian Shawl Inspired Tissue Box for the perfect dining room décor.

Tropical Foliage Coasters

Square handmade coasters with rounded edges & modern foliage design.

It comes as a set of 6 pieces in a small corrugated ribbon packed box. 

Tropical Foliage Trivet

Square handmade trivet with rounded edges and a modern foliage design.

Tropical Green Foliage Tissue Box

An easy to use tissue box that holds loose paper napkins or tissues. With a modern touch to floral designs, this tissue box is the perfect choice for your tissue storage and dispensing needs throughout the house. The base of the box slides open for conveniently placing the tissues in the box. Place it in your bedroom, bathroom or office to decorate any tabletop.

Decorative pieces are the most economical way to refresh or add a new expression to your room. These simple tips for selecting, relating, and garnishing with decorations can help you pull together your room like a pro and avoid the collective faults many home residents make with their decor.

You must check out them for some more beautiful and extraordinary home decors and other travel, Gifts, and Stationery items.