Semi Flush Ceiling Lights ft SaveLights !!


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We all love decorating our homes. Ceiling Lights are a great way to complement any room in our house. It is indeed a good home decor for design purposes. It is such a practical and useful home accessory that you can even think of gifting it for various occasions.

Whatever be the interior design scheme like contemporary, transitional, modern, traditional, unique or vintage, there is a ceiling light to suit every look. A single ceiling light can make or break your home interior design. Right selection of shades, lamps and lights play a major role.

Gone are those days where bulky sparkling crystal lights used to hang from the roof and one needed to take utmost care of it. Today, we have simple and sophisticated Flush Mount and Semi Flush Ceiling Lights. They’re well-suited for any location.

Flush mount ceiling lights are apt when you don’t have a lot of space or you want a  conservative energy profile. Semi Flush Ceiling Lights are apt for taller ceilings with a lot of headroom. Flush ceiling lights attach directly to the ceiling, with no gap whereas semi-flush lights use a stem  to create a gap between the light and the ceiling.

Both flush mount and semi flush ceiling lights comes in a variety of finishes, shades and sizes. Their style is really versatile. Frosted and colored shades  diffuse the light, while white or clear shades allow it to shine through. Flush mount and semi flush mount ceiling lights can easily blend in the background.

SaveLights is an online shop where you’ll find the most variety when it comes to semi flush ceiling lights shades, styles and designs.

SaveLights is a professional manufacturer of lights. The main products the company deals are lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lights, tiffany lighting, led lights and Industrial lighting.

These are some of their most popular designs:

Chic 3-Light Globe Glass Shade White Ceiling Light
Black Wrought Iron Fixture Green Glass Semi Flush Tiffany Ceiling Lights
Black Wrought Iron Fixture Semi Flush Tiffany Ceiling Light
Classic Black Wrought Iron Fixture Blue Tiffany Ceiling Lights
Three-light E27 Screw Base Designer Tiffany Chandelier

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