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Woodenwares from Naturallyours!

Hello All,

This post is all about how our Indian Kitchen has welcomed Woodenwares as their serving and part cooking partner. In our old days, we are used to using either steel or plastic plates to serve food. But those days are now hard to see.

Let me show you one of the best woodenwares that’s available in the market now and which is supposed to be a must-have one.  It’s naturally yours, they are the best suppliers for the HoReCa Hotel/Restaurant/Café () industry in India, specializes in serving hotels, restaurants, chefs, and caterers with high-quality wooden kitchenware.

All their products are made of rubberwood, acacia wood, and faux acajen wood. Acacia wood has a small connection with our holy Bible; it’s that acacia wood was used to build the Tabernacle and Ark of Covenant because it was nearly indestructible.

Many of us have a misconception is that people think that it’s too expensive, I must say that it’s wrong, as this type of woodenware can be purchased from Naturallyours at a reasonable rate. It’s a small suggestion that, to be aware of buying the worth material from the reliable seller.  And the 2nd misconception which few of my acquaintance has told me is that its a bit hard to take care of those woods.  As long as you use it wisely as per the guidelines, it will have the natural shine and it will refrain from cracks.

If you’re in need of furniture that is hefty, sturdy, and tough to wear and tear, acacia wood furniture can be your right choice. If you love the wooden styles I would suggest you own them to make your kitchen a designer one.

Let me show you some of their cool contemporary kitchen woodwares:

Puppy Love (paddleboard)

This is a cool wooden ware wherein you can serve snacks or cool drinks, and it’s obvious when your guests are impressed by this stylish and designer stuff.

Full Moon Glory (Platter)

Another craft from Naturallyours which is made of pure acacia wood and you can serve hot food and nothing to worry about the wood being damaged because of heat.

Aphrodite (Cake Stand)

This is occasional contemporary woodwork, which can be used on your special day, it looks so lovely and I am sure your partner will love to cut the cake on this wood stand.

Queen Of Hearts (Chopping board)


This is my favorite among other wooden works, it looks so pleasing and what I liked about this is the Love symbol and it can be used for hanging it on the wall after washing.

Their products are not limited to the above ones and they have much more stylish and modern kitchen wares, don’t forget to check out their site for the best woodenware. This could also be the best wedding gifting idea or if you are a restaurant or bakery owner, you must try these woodenwares as it gains attraction and make your store unique from other similar stores.