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Asian Paints Aquadur PU – The Ultimate Shield For Wooden Exteriors!

Hi lovelies,
You all know I am from the God’s Own Country and Kerala is well known for the wooden work and furnishings. Most of the Keralite Homes have wooden decorations that add beauty to the home. But preserving the wood to make it last a life time has been a nightmare due to weathering, decay, scratches, stains and many other problems.
Recently Blogadda had hosted an activity in collaboration with Asian Paints where 12 shortlisted bloggers from Kerala will have the opportunity to get any wooden door polished with Asian Paints Aquadur PU.I was one of them and in this post I am going to share my experience with this new launch from Asian Paints.
Let’s go through a quick intro about the Aquadur PU.

Asian Paints Aquadur PU Interior gives your furniture a rich, premium finish, without harming you or the environment.
Asian Paints Aquadur PU is the ultimate water based shield for wood. It gives you extremely high durability for all your furniture, at the same time, providing a rich finish. The application of the product is very easy, making it user-friendly. It is safe for children owing to the low metal content, dries almost instantly and leaves no paint or polish-like odour behind.

Water based variants in paint is a steps towards cleaner and safer environment as it is eco-friendly. Reasons being very low percentage of volatile organic compounds, faster drying times, easier application, Solvent and spray free. The only thing required is water for thinning and cleaning.
Too good to believe right? Well the future of paints is here. Let us look at the top product from this category – Aquadur PU from the house of Asian Paints!!
Features of Aquadur PU:
  • Easy application :Aquadur can be applied with a brush and roller, making it far easier to apply than conventional PU, which is always spray painted.
  • Child Safe : Aquadur PU has very low toxic metal content and is EN 71.3 compliant for low metal toxicity which also makes it a child safe product.
  • Low VOC & Odour :Aquadur Water based PU surpasses European standards for low VOC and is virtually odourless, making it a green product in the complete sense.
  • Quick drying : painting your furniture twice as fast with Aquadur as compared to conventional PU.

My Experience with Aquadur PU:

I got a call from the Asian Paints team telling they would be visiting my premises on so and so date. I couldn’t take leave coz of the annual closing work at my office and hence I couldn’t witness the activity. My dad was there at home and the Asian Paints team carried out their work for two days. On the first day sanding and application of stain was done and on the second day application of clear base coat and top coat was done.The finish is matte as they have used the matte top coat.

They had handed over the information kit which gave me all the details that I require.
I don’t have to tell you much.You can read the kit from the images below.

Product Details:

Aquadur is available in interior and exterior variants.
The Aquadur range consists of products such as wood preservatives, wood fillers, dent fillers, wood stains, sealer and top coat.

Top coat is available in the options of gloss and matt finishes. Single component, no need of adding hardener separately.

Here the steps to using Asian Paints Aquadur PU:
  1. Sand the surface using sand paper no. 180 followed by sand paper no. 320 or 400 and wipes the surface clean.
  2. Apply Aquadur WB Stains, if required, by ragging. Allow to dry for 2 hours. Do not sand the stain coat.
  3. Apply 2 coats of Aquadur Water Based Clear Base Coat (Interior & Exterior) by spray or brush or roller with 5-10% thinning with potable water.
  4. Give an inter coat interval of about 5 hrs. Sand with sand paper no. 320/400 between coats and before application of top coats.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Aquadur WB Clear Glossy Topcoat or Aquadur WB Matt Clear Topcoat by spray or brush or roller with 5-10% thinning with potable water with an inter coat interval of about 5 hrs.

 Before & After- Final Results:
Before :


DAY 1:


You can see the transformation that Aquadur has given.

I am loving the look and all thanks to Asian Paints and their team for making my entrance look beautiful and helping me to preserve the door that is special to me.I am staying in this house right from the childhood and this door has lot of nostalgic memories for me. It was a wonderful experience with Aquadur PU.

Thank you Vimal Chandran and Team from Asian Paints,Cochin.

Disclaimer- Activity sponsored by Blogadda and Asian Paints. The experience penned down is 100 % true and honest !

Would you love to try the hassle free painting solutions for your home?