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The Great Ways to have a Beautiful Home – Home Sweet Home !!

Even if we visit 1000 places in this world, Home is always the best place to live in.Don’t you all agree. We all spend most of our time in life in our homes. It is one of our beautiful possessions. Isn’t it?
Are we taking right care of our home.Dont we all want our homes to be cosy, comfortable, beautiful, peaceful, and worth gaining everyone’s attention.
Beautiful homes need not be large. Irrespective of whether it is big or small, Beauty lies in the way we keep it tidy and decorate it.Cleanliness is next to godliness.
Home is the place we live so it’s every ones responsibility to keep it clean. Having said that let’s see a few ways, tips and tricks on how to keep our home beautiful and how to decorate it without spending a huge amount.
Shall we begin?
Ideas to make your home alluring :
Create a theme.Beach look, British look (All White), floral, spring etc. and Find out which is the apt style for your makeover. Analyse and decide on it to give your home that distinctive look.

Choose from the wide Array of products, colours, finishes, patterns, designs. Select wall papers, paintings, curtains, carpet, accessories and furniture which complement each other. They should not be in stark contrast. Try to stick to a colour scheme.

Utilise the space of your house properly and give equal importance to the entire space in your house. Do not neglect one particular portion and over concentrate on the others.

You can use contrasting effect to throw the attention to a particular thing.

Select a paint colour which ensures enough flow of natural light in the house. Do not select dark steep colours. Bright colours are always good. Each one denotes a particular mood and feelings and adds to the ambience of the house. Be careful when you choose colour of your wallpaints.Its like adding salt to the food.

If you have a Sit out area utilise it by adding chairs and a tea table where you can spend time reading newspapers and have a quick cup of tea. If you do not have a special area allotted for it you can use your garden.You can use large stones type of chairs and table which adds a nice rocky look.You can feel the fresh air too which is good for your health. 

Have a welcoming atmosphere before the house.You can keep a statue or idols or paintings and you can keep a tub of fresh water with flowers.it denotes that you are friendly. Use a good carpet.

The lounge or the hall is the first view towards your house. Decorate your TV area nicely.You can add a comfy sofa set or you can use a floor bed .You can even keep a flower vase in the corner.I prefer adding natural flowers on a daily basis since it spreads aroma and looks fresh.You need to change it on a daily basis tough. 

One corner of the lounge can be used to place your dining table too.You can chat or watch TV if you want while serving food.
Arrange your gadgets in a freaky way and free from dust.

Kitchen is the vital place for females.Wood work is the best. Use different type of Crockery and arrange it in shelves and stands from where you can pull it out quickly. Keep it clean.You can keep your refrigerator, Oven, Mixer Grinder, Stove etc. neatly arranged. They should be some provision like chimney to let the smoke out.

Cook delicious food.Have it together and share the happy moments.Spare time for family members.

Bed Room should be spacious and good looking. Add a master bed where you can relax and dose off after a hectic day. Use quilts, Silky bed sheets, Woollen blankets etc. Add different lights and lamps to create a perfect relaxing atmosphere where you can wind up your day. 

Pull off the blinds.You can place candles.You can create a family tree by drawing a tree and placing the photo of members on it.You can keep couples photo too. Add cushions and make it look luxurious. Use printed bed sheets.

Keep your bathroom clean and don’t allow bacteria to grow. Place candles. Place good towels. Have a bath tub. Keep aromatic refreshing scents.

Have decorative windows. If you have children create a special bedroom for them

Have a book shelf and showcase for your collectibles.

For us Girls, Makeup table is a must have with different racks: D

Spread the greenery by planting more trees. Freshen your home with a room spray daily or use natural flowers.

Select nice accessories.If you have created a modern look traditional accessories will go well.

Always DE-clutter your home at least once a month.Recycle.Sell old books and newspapers. Throw away unwanted things.

Use DIY Home ideas which are widely available on the internet. Try the tutorials and create something stylish.You can save money.

Some of the interior decoration trends which I liked:

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Hope you liked these tips and tricks and I think at least some of you would have found it useful.
Let your imagination Flow…..
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