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When to Call a Drain Clearing Specialist?

Hello All,

Our drains work silently in the background, and being concealed, we take it for granted that all waste is channeled away to the main sewer, and while this is normally the case, there are times when a blockage occurs. Here are just a few of the situations that require the assistance of a professional drain cleaner.


  • Loud Gurgling Sounds – If you happen to hear gurgling sounds coming from the drain, the chances are you have what is known as a partial blockage, and by calling local drain unblockers like 24/7 Drainage Solutions, you can rest assured that the problem will be resolved in no time. What actually causes the gurgling sound? If there is a partial blockage, then the fluid has to detour, and this causes the gurgling sound, and if you leave it as it is, it will very quickly become a total blockage, and then you have a real problem on your hands.
  • Waste Water Taking Longer to Drain Away – This is another sure sign of a partial drain blockage, and it might be accompanied by the gurgling sound, as the wastewater struggles to find a path to the main sewer. It might be that the blockage is located near the sink, but it could be anywhere in the drainage system, and the best way to identify the blockage is to call in a drain cleaning specialist.
  • Complete Drain Blockage – The worst-case scenario would be when invasive tree roots cause a sewer pipe to collapse and this causes a total blockage. In such a situation, the drain cleaning company can locate the damaged section, and without having to dig up the garden, they can insert a new lining, and your drains will work again. There is a list of things that will block your drains, which is recommended reading for all.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Rather than waiting for a blockage to occur, you can ask your local drain cleaning company to inspect and clean the drains, which will tell you the condition of the drains, while at the same time, giving it a thorough clean using pressurized water. The drain cleaning specialist uses state of the art CCTV equipment, which he sends down the drain to get a close-up view of the insides of the sewer pipes, and if there is a damaged section of pipe, he can insert a pipe liner, which is inflated and cured to provide you with a new inner surface.

Unless you happen to clean drains for a living, any blockages should be left to the experts, as home remedies often make the situation worse, and for what it costs, you are much better off calling in the specialists. Annual drain inspection and clean is the best solution to ensuring that your drains are always flowing, and an online search will lead you to a company that specializes in drain cleaning. The inspection will reveal any issues and by carrying out prompt repairs, you are reducing the risk of a serious drain blockage, while the annual clean will flush out any residue that has built up.