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Keeping Your Electric Gates In Top Condition!

When it comes to electric gates for your property, you will want to maintain them to keep them in full working order and to prolong their lifespan. The maintenance is not very time consuming and ensuring that you do it regularly will help to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones, which could also be expensive. Follow these tips below to maintain your electric gates and you can keep them working correctly and looking fantastic for many years to come.


Visually Inspect Your Gates Every Time Before Using

It may seem like a hassle to inspect your gates before using them, but it does not have to be, and you can do this from the comfort of your vehicle. All you need to do is to drive up to your gates and before opening them, look to ensure that there are no obstructions at all, or along the electric sliding gates trackway, as well as the chain-belt and the motor that powers the sliding gate. You can do a quick visual inspection in a matter of seconds, and you only need to get out of your vehicle if there is an obstruction.


Carry Out Regular Maintenance

You will also want to carry out regular maintenance on your electric gates, and you can do this once a year to keep them not only looking fantastic but keep them in full working order also. Make sure that everywhere that needs it is well lubricated such as the chain and motor, and you can also paint your gate to keep it looking great and prevent rusting of your gate, if it is made from metal. If you have a wooden gate, you can either paint this or stain it and keep it looking fantastic while making sure the wood is weather tight.

Keep Your Gates Clean

It is also vital that you keep your gates clean to prolong their lifespan and when you give them a thorough cleaning you can also apply a coat of wax, or oil if your gate is made from wood. Doing so will help to maintain the appearance of the gate and is a lot easier to do than sandblasting the gate when the finish has faded so that you can apply a new coat. You will also benefit from waxing or oiling your gate as it will be much easier to clean and will make the job last only a couple of minutes, while significantly prolonging the life of your electric gates. 

A Monthly Check Of The Auto Reverse Function


All electric gates will come with an automatic reverse function if the gate senses an obstruction, and this is something that you should test every month and is something that can be done very quickly. All you need to do is open your gate and get a piece of wood that you can use to lay down over the trackway, then close the gate and ensure that as soon as it encounters the obstruction, the gate stops, and then reverses, going back to the open position.

All these things you can do yourself at home and it will not take you very long at all while prolonging the lifespan of your electric gate significantly. You can also hire a reputable local company to maintain your electric gates for you, making it even less of a hassle to keep your electric gates in full working order.