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Valentine’s Day Giveaway – Win $80 bonus from Jollychic.com!!


I can feel love in the air and Happy Valentines Day in advance. I am happy to share a new giveaway for my followers today and yes it’s international.

You can enter via the Rafflecopter form at the end of this page.Before the giveaway let me introduce you all to the Jollychic Website.

About Jollychic.com

Jollychic.com has a strong bond with industry insiders and collaborates intensively with mainstream
manufacturers of apparel in China since 2008.We offer the latest fashion ingredients for those interested; we partner with dozens of reputable import & export companies,warehousing & logistics companies and after sales service provider from around the world.Better still, we have an elite team, who are truly capable,dedicated,and flexible and demonstrate unparalleled expertise on a daily basis.
We offer multi-lingual customer service, a sound set of internet system and advanced online marketing
networks that caters to customers’ need. We have a two-million customer base up to date.
As we consistently unlock new frontiers of overseas markets, tens of millions of consumers the world over have also benefited from our effort by simply making a purchase via our website, for apiece of reliable commodity and at a reasonable price of course.

Jollychic.com provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. We offer a whole catalog of products including tees, dresses, blouses, coats, sweaters, pants etc.

  • We offer quality products; our delivery’s quick and precise; 
  • We optimize your shopping experience; 
  • We offer non-discriminatory prices to everyone, wherever in the world you are; 
  • We provide decent 24/7 customer service; 
  • We maximize your business potentials. 

Vision&Mission : Alongside the designs & innovations, we intend to present premium commodities originated from China to the world at a competitive price!

My Favorites from Jollychic:

If you would like to win goodies like above, you can enter this giveaway and in case you win you get $80 bonus to shop your favourite item.

Steps to win :

1) Register on Jollychic by clicking here .
(You have to compulsorily register via this link only to be eligible to win.We will track this.)
2) Like Jollychic’s facebook page: www.facebook.com/JollyChicStyle
3) Leave a comment with their registered email and favorite Jollychic item link under this post along with your FB,GFC and other links to shares/ID’s.
4) Follow http://www.i-am-girly.com/ via Google Friend Connect ( GFC). Please note that GFC and Google+ are different and you have to follow via GFC to be eligible to win.
6) Follow the blog via Bloglovin
7) Share the giveaway on FB/Twitter tagging us.
Just 7 simple steps to win $80 bonus.No need of tagging.

Prize$ 80 bonus to shop from Jollychic without any minimum purchase condition.The bonus will be credited to the account of the winner ( Registered Email Id with Jollychic).

Only one winner & open world wide.

Duration: The giveaway starts 14th Feb 2014 and ends 28th Feb 2014.
Terms & Conditions:

  • Open Internationally Except Vietnam, Morocco, Venezuela, Algeria, Tunisia.
  • If you have won the same Jollychic giveaway on another Blog, You are not eligible to win another.
  • The 80 $ bonus can only be used on  www.jollychic.com and can’t be turned into cash.
  • Winners decided by us is final and if we dont get a response within 48 hours we may choose a new winner
  • This giveaway is sponsored by Jollychic and prizes will be given by them.
  • You are providing information only to I Am Girly Blog and Jollychic
In case you are not able to enter via rafflecopter please enter manually and in both the cases you have to leave a comment below this post.Any problems mail me at iamgirlyblog@gmail.com
Winner will be drawn randomly by me. Please dont ping me saying PICK ME !! It;s unethical.
Enter now and try your luck. All the best.