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Thailand Haul

Be A Shopaholic In Thailand!

Hello All, 

Before you go through this haul post, check out my Thailand Trip-related posts under the Travel Tab.

Thailand is shopping heaven. You will want to buy anything and everything that you see. Make sure you fix a budget before getting started.  You’ll go insane looking at the bags, watches, and sunglasses sold in Thailand for super cheap prices. It’s all available in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes.

These are the things I purchased from Thailand  :

Two Shawls one silk and one cashmere (100 baht -150 baht each). The silk shawl is a glistening green pink combo with elephant prints. The other one is an orange and black combo. These shawls are perfect for gifting. These are from Chatuchak Market. 

Thai Spa Soaps – (4 for 100 baht) – These smell so heavenly and are available in a variety of cute designs. I picked up watermelon, strawberry, elephant, and mango shaped ones. I was fascinated by those scented soaps that look like coconut halves. 

These are from Chatuchak Market.

Fridge Magnets – (4 for 100 baht, 30 baht for resin ones)  I picked up colorful resin one that reads Thailand. I picked other beige colored ones that read Phuket, Bangkok, etc. These are available in many variants like TukTuk, Elephant, Boat, etc. These are from Chatuchak Market.

Bear Shaped Bath Mat – THB 100 – These are from Chatuchak Market. How cute are these. These are available in a variety of designs and colors. 

Sandals – The olive colored rubber Birkenstock imitation sandals were THB 150 per pair. These sandals are comfortable on feet but won’t last you long. The other floral pink sandal was THB 150. These I picked up from the Platinum mall. The olive slipper is kind of waterproof.

Floral Trolley Suitcase Set with matching toiletry bag : This is also from Platinum Mall. There are many luggage shops  out there. This was from a shop in the basement. The shopkeeper was nice. The set I purchased for around 1200 THB. Never buy anything from the first shop, go back if you liked the product and find a deal. Look around  to get an idea of the best price you can get. 

 Do expect to bargain though. The quality seems to be durable and design is pretty. 

Hello Kitty Vanity Case : I purchased this for around 450 THB. It is available in a variety of colors. There is a mirror inside. The best part is that it is very spacious and comes with a velvet type lining inside. The top handle makes it convinient to carry. This was also from Platinum Mall. 

Kulots – 150THB each (The one I am wearing in the frame below)

I got the striped variant in blue pink white colors mix. I feel they are easy to wear and suits casual days. The fit was large enough. You just can’t miss them as they are stylish yet super cheap. I bought them from the Pratunam market. We got the frame from Phuket for THB 100 each.

Thailand Haul

Pink Selfie Stick – THB 100 from Pratunam Market. We wanted one to shoot photos. This is a basic one in working condition. It has that locking mechanism for expansion / contraction plus that connecting wire and capture button. 

Bae purchased one belt from platinum mall and 2-3 sleeveless elephant print tees and one lighter from Pratunam Market (each THB 100)

Key Chain with Note: I picked up these from a local super market in Phuket. I really liked the figurine and it comes with a message related to success. 

Tea Pot Set : I purchased this set in Patong area from a street vendor. I got cheated here. The original price was around THB 550 but I had to pay around THB 800. My husband warned me once of being fooled but I didn’t listen. This was that nasty incident I had mentioned before. 

Thai Chocolates – I picked these up from the duty-free at Airport. The chocolates were elephant shaped. The packaging felt luxurious and perfect for gifting. The taste was ok. The chocolate box was priced around 400 THB. Of course, these are expensive. 

Honestly, I enjoyed the shopping experience in Bangkok and Phuket. But I feel I got a bit over excited with the shopping that I almost went bankrupt after the trip. I have promised my husband that hereafter I will not go overboard with shopping part and will purchase only tiny souvenirs and essentials. 

I am not unhappy but the thing is that you easily get attracted by everything sold around and you end up buying so many unnecessary things thus wasting money. I wish to create more memories hereafter instead of being materialistic.