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Dressale : Website Review & Haul !! Beware of this spammy website !!

Hey Girls,
Founded in 2008,  is a leading China-based B2C company that offers customer-made products ranging from wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses to wedding accessories for customers all over the world.

I always pour in my honest views even when the review is sponsored. I make sure to list the cons as well. I always disclose the source of the review to maintain transparency. While there are many amazing brands I have worked with; a few of them turned to be as*****s !! I have never thought about writing a negative review on my blog. If I do not like some Brand or a particular product so badly, I wont write about it. This review is the need of the hour to alert the buyers worldwide. I have no hatred towards any brand but I want to share my real experience.

A few months back, Dressale contacted me for a giveaway and they sent me so many mails regarding huge giveaways. Most of the mail I received were filtered by Gmail and it appeared in SPAM. I posted the giveaway and after receiving enough publicity, they refused to sent the prize to Bloggers and Winners. I was not suspicious about this site until this incident happened.
Then after a lot of emails, they sent me a $25 gift-card for the cooperation. They apologized for the inconvenience. Many bloggers and winners didn’t get the gift card but luckily I did. Then there were no whereabouts of them for few months. A month back they again changed their cooperation policy and contacted me. Since I have got the gift card before, I never realized these people were Spammy. I see so many bloggers have cooperated with them and faced issues with them. If you Google Dressale Spam you will find a lot of complaints.
For the sponsored post, they sent me a gift card and after the order was placed, they deleted my order and said that the cooperation didn’t yield any good results. It was them who contacted me in first place and they had told there will be two posts for which $50 will be given. After the first post, they vanished again. They refused to ship my order and deleted it. They wasted my time. The customer service tell you to contact live chat and the live chat will tell you contact customer service and you get no solution for your query. If asked about my order the stupid people are telling about copyright issues. (See Screenshots Below).
With $25, nothing can be bought from the website. The products are very expensive and 5X their original price. The shipping charge is a bomb and is more than $15 for a $6 product.
I got two candles for $25. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay any customs. They dont mark the order as gift and put a low value. The customer care is rude, uneducated and not at all friendly.
My order arrived via DHL in 7 days of shipping.It took around 7 days to process my order. The item that was listed and I selected for my order was out of stock. I got a mail from them to select another item for the same price. I hate it when it is listed on the website and they say it is out of stock.






There is a delay in processing your order to shipping. Once shipped, the order arrives in seven days. The packaging is very simple. It came in a polythene envelope with a cardboard box inside with newspapers wrapped. It didn’t have any bubble wraps. The products came in a transparent box. The items were intact. The quality is just OK. The returns is  not going to be easy too and I am sure you will never get a refund.
I won’t be shopping from this website again and I am never gonna cooperate with them again.
Please mark this website as SPAM and never purchase anything from them !!
I saw the same items listed on their website on Buyincoins and Aliexpress for a very cheap price. Dressale is not a legit website and is cheating people as well as bloggers. Beware of this spammy website. I have deleted all posts about these websites from my blog except this one.
For your information Zarop Fashion and Ahaishopping is also SPAM !!

Disclaimer – I received the products using a gift-card. I was spammed by Dressale and everything I have said here is 100% honest. I am extremely sorry to the readers for causing you inconvenience. Hereafter I will be extra cautious during any blogger collaborations.