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Happy Creative Perfumes from Solinotes !

Hello All,

Solinotes is a French range of drugstore perfumes, specializing in single-note fragrances. In 2010, under the perfume company, Parfums Corania, Arno Sorel introduced Solinotes, which included their 6 fragrances forming original collection – Ambre, Coco, Mure, Musc, Patchouli, and Vanille awarded at Victoires de la Beauté.


Then in 2012, the Floral Fruity line was introduced with the released of Fleur d’Oranger by Irène Farmachidi with the addition of Fleur de Cerisier and Tiare in 2013 while Fleur de Frangipanier, Fleur de Jasmin, Fleur de ‘Iris and Fleur de Figuier were added to the line back in 2014.

Solinotes launched some really good flavours like rose in their new collection 2017.  The good news is that Solinotes will be soon available in India. The brand is currently available on Sephora International. Best essential oils were used for the creation of Solinotes: an imaginative and cheerful series.

All Solinotes fragrances come in pretty round glass bottles of different colors, harmonized with the notes of which they were made.  Solinotes eau de toilette play with the codes of perfumery. Each of the perfume can be worn on its own or layered with a combination 2 perfumes. Solinotes are specially designed to be worn solo or mixed duets. The brand lets us create our own favorite unique scent to affirm our style, sign the look of the day. Of course, you can always come up with new combinations and that’s always a fun process!

Honestly, I got so addicted to Solinotes.  The keynotes are elaborated with beautiful essences like sparkling citrus,  precious woods, delicate bouquets, intense spices, fruit cocktails and marry around a dominant note. Solinotes has roll-ons, gift sets, and mix-match colognes. Their full-size Eaux De Parfums are categorized across four groups namely Novelties, Timeless, Floral, and Essentials. You can learn about the composition of Solinotes perfumes here. Solinotes creates unisex perfumes for both men and women.

ROSE: This particular floral rose scent is sparkling and fresh. The Solinotes Rose eau de toilette middle note blends rose together with magnolia for a “romantic” and “tender” fragrance. It is a part of their Essentials collection. Top notes are bergamot and litchi, base note is cedar.


ORANGER:  While eternal, blissful Orange Blossom dominates this Mediterranean fragrance, its complex notes find their essence in sweet petitgrain and bergamot accords. A sunny harmony where lemon brings just a hint of insolence for a sensual, radiant eau de parfum.

CERISIERThis eau de toilette takes inspiration from the poetic cherry blossom. It is a vibrant fragrance that reminds one of springtime. It is a whimsical composition of red berry notes enhanced with refreshing lemon, mandarin, and cardamom notes.


TIARE:  This is a suave fruity & floral fragranced perfume with heavenly accents that drifts you to the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. A heavenly break where tiare flower gradually makes way for intoxicating coconut, juicy peach, vanilla, tiare flower, rosewood, musk and ylang-ylang notes. 

VANILLE:  Vanille, is an escapist fragrance with warm spicy notes. Its smooth fragrances transport you to the magic of the island of Madagascar with its gourmet accents. It unveils a dominant note, with contrasts created by the white flowers and tonka bean. 


GRENADE: With Pomegranate by Solinotes, dive right into the heart of a perfume rich in red berries! The intense fruity freshness of juicy pomegranate and delectable raspberry. A perfume you’ll want to devour to unveil your bubbly personality. It is my most loved scent.


The BLANC: Solinotes The Blanc is a sparkling white tea, delicately scented with bergamot to gently awaken your senses.  The purity and the freshness of its notes reveal a timeless fragrance.


FIGUIER: Solinotes Fleur de Figuer is an irresistible Fig tree flower, a fruity fragrance with delicate scents. It is a mix of tangy and compelling blackcurrant, grapefruit and peony heart. Sandalwood completes the fragrance with a creamy accord.


It is so much fun to layer Solinotes. Solinotes gives you a multitude of possibilities and comes with a simple concept that, like a fashion accessory, lets each woman free-run to assert her identity and femininity!  You are invited to try Solinotes if you like the idea of customizing your own scent. A 50 ml is priced at 11,95€.

Note: The products featured in this post are press samples but I choose to only review products I truly use and like. Honest Review as always.