Valor Watches Australia !!

Valor Watches Australia

Hey All,

I have introduced you to many new watch brands on my blog and you all know how much I love luxury watches. Today, I will be sharing my favorite designs from Valor Watches and a discount coupon code for you.

Valor Watches Australia is based in Sydney and they sell luxury watches. Valor is an Australian based company, created by Tonet Bermejo.  While creating the brand, their main effort was to minimize the gap between affordability and quality without compromising on the design factor. Valor Watches are minimal and functional in design but at the same time, these timepieces are affordable and reliable.

By having a sneak peek of their website, you’ll notice that Valor Watches operate on a  consistent theme. The designs have many similarities like a logo free face, sleek band, and minimal branding. The design speaks for itself and allow the person wearing it to style it to fit them personally. Valor Watches are easy enough to really pair it with anything.

Most of the current brands available now in the market are just too expensive for most people. Valor Watches are designed to last, made with sound quality components and run on coherent Japanese quartz movement. Valor Watches will be a game changer for all wrist watch enthusiasts. Valor Watches teamed up with some really talented men and after several turns of prototyping, luxury watches with a sleek look were crafted.

Here are a few minimal styles that look amazing:

Valor Watches Australia
Marina Series Interchangeable Nato Strap Watch – Price – $79.00 USD
Valor Watches Australia
Chi Metal Mesh Strap in Rose Gold –
Price – $89.00 USD
Valor Watches Australia
Bugsy Classic Brown Genuine Leather Strap Wrist Watch – Price -$79.00 USD
Valor Watches Australia
Lightning Carrara Marble Genuine Leather Strap Watch – Price – $89.00 USD

Check out the rest of Valor Watch Styles here and if something catches your eye, you can use my code ISWARYA at checkout to save 20% off your order.  Free shipping is offered worldwide, which is always a plus!

If you crazy about nato interchangeable watches, marble-faced, metal mesh, or genuine leather strap watch styles, you must definitely check out Valor Watches with beautiful minimal designs here, and get yours today! Every $5 from each watch sold is donated to a local animal shelter.

Please note I was not paid to do this post. I am just sharing one of my favorite watch brands with you !!