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A Guide On How To Spot Fake Jewellery!

Hello All,

There will always be unscrupulous people in every industry, and it’s a reality you have to prepare for so you won’t fall prey to their schemes. The same thing can be said when it comes to buying jewellery pieces. Even if we are very much aware that not all that glitters is gold, deceptive jewellers have come up with sophisticated ways to produce copies that closely resemble the authentic pieces that sometimes, the difference can’t be spotted by the naked eye. These dishonest people would attempt to sell you the counterfeit ones and you would end up paying for them in the price of the authentic pieces, if you are not careful.

Not all that glitters is gold, and the same thing can be said of jewellery pieces. Unscrupulous jewellers would attempt to sell you counterfeit ones and passing them off as authentic jewellery. How do you ensure you don’t become a victim of their deception?

Fret not, for there is a way to steer clear of their deception, as this article will share to you how to tell the difference between fake jewellery that are far too numerous to cover in this short blog. There are some husbands who have bought many items of jewellery over the years and believe it or not they have been caught out once or twice, but lessons have been learned. The best way to ensure you are buying genuine jewellery is to buy it from a long-established and reputable jeweller.


Of course, you will always see items of jewellery that appear to be the real thing, but the price is, simply put, implausible for that particular piece of jewellery. By visiting Sydney jewellers in the CBD such as Anania Family Jewellers, for example, you can be assured of getting the real deal.

Here’s a shortlist that can help the average jewellery buyer ensure that they are not ripped off. There are tests you can use to establish authenticity using vinegar, iodine and even biting pearls but you wouldn’t expect the average person to be carrying these in their bag whilst out shopping. 


Simple Checks You Can Do to Ensure You’re Not Buying Fake Jewellery 

Without further ado, here’s the list of things the average jewellery shopper can easily check to ensure they are buying the real deal.

  1. Can You Return It? A reputable jeweller will always have a returns policy, if the jeweller you are buying from does not, do not buy from them.
  • Is the Jewellery Implausibly Cheap? If the answer is yes, the best way to do is to steer well clear. As the precious metal is, by and large, a commodity, the prices are governed by worldwide trading prices. A jeweller may be able to offer cheap design services but never cheap or cut-price precious metal or stones.
  • The Fog Test – This test is effective when you are testing diamonds for authenticity and is very simple. Authentic diamonds do not retain heat so they will not cloud up when you breathe on them, but fake diamonds will.
  • The Magnet Test – Engagement rings are usually either made of gold and silver – precious metals that are not magnetic – so if the ring you test sticks to the magnet, you can be sure that fake material is being used. This is a particularly convenient testing process if you leave the house knowing you may be buying gold or silver. Bring a magnet!

There you have it, 4 really simple things to test the authenticity of any jewellery you are buying. If the seller is upfront about the material used in the creation of the jewellery and tells you from the start that it is not gold or silver, this is a good indication that you are facing an honest supplier.

Finding A Reputable Jeweller

When writing this blog, my intention was not to make you panic about buying jewellery as the vast majority of jewellers are honest, hardworking people like me and you, it was intended to inform you about the ways you can protect yourself from the rogue 1%. The internet is full of more advanced methods to test the authenticity of jewellery, you can check yourself if you have a strong interest in the subject.


Always choose a jeweller who has been in the business for years. With a reputation to uphold, the last thing a well-established jeweller would do is to sell you counterfeit jewellery. There is a reason these high street jewellers are still around up to these day, and that is because they have gained the trust and respect of clients; they are not one to disappoint, which makes their pieces worth every penny.

Cover Image Source: Pexels