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Creating impressions with Bohemian Collection from Saskia!

Hello All,

I am back again to show you some of the finest handmade jewelry. Handmade ones are those which are amassed and molded by hand and not with the use of machines. This fashion became a trend in Italy.

I have shared few tips to note before purchasing any jewelry and the below ones are just a continuation to that list.

  • Knowing your style more important, everyone has their own style and purchasing something which suits will add glamor to you and the jewelry you wear.
  • How often you wear jewelry, some just loves to wear something minimal, even that stands well. Knowing your preference, deep inside you, you will have some particular preference, maybe love for a specific color, or metal or design.
  • Fixing the budget, this could be most important, set a budget for the jewel you purchase, more the cost, it’s best in quality and class. But be sure to know the difference between expensive and overpriced.
  • And finally, start loving your jewelry, it gives you the confidence to wear it and improves your overall attitude and style.

Have a look at  few of Handmade jewelery which have impressed me.

Below jewels are handcrafted by Saskia. Saskia, they handmade one of the best class handmade jewels and they are specialist in making their own style of bohemian jewels. They refer their collection to as bohemian because they believe their collections has to stand apart from other brands and providing the modest jewels for a modern lifestyle. They try to impress their loyal customers by revealing the hidden stories and is a tribute to Doma of Rajasthan.

When you check their collection, the first thing you will notice is about their uniqueness and it’s much more than just eye catchy.  

Alexandria Bracelet

This call to mind the endless lure of the antique world with its combination of turquoise, Indonesian glass, citrine and vintage brass  This is just an awesome piece and it can be paired with your casual or work outfits.

It’s bit heavy and they uses Toggle Clasp, which means the one end of the bracelet is “T” shaped and the other is an open shape, most often a circle. The bar simply goes through the open shape and locks in place. As the Toggle clasp works well with heavy jewels as the weight keeps the bar from slipping back.

Nomad Bracelets

It’s a perfect combo of Ghanaian inspired brass with mosaic Nepalese coral beads. Even this goes well with any outfits and you can pair it with Egyptian Spring Bracelet  as well.

I have just highlighted the ones which I loved, but you can always check out their all collection from their site and now they an ongoing offer where you buy one and get one with15% off from their bohemian collection.

Create your own style and impress yourself with their modest design!