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Fabulous Minimalist Collection from Aainaco!

Hello All,

Eminent ease is the new fashion when it comes to jewelry design and it appears that it’s more than just an obsession. Foremost on the high-street and in any rural setting for the superior part of the era, minimalistic jewelry brings a new curated, modernized beautiful in the fame – and it shows no signs of moving back.

While I select my designs, I follow a simple rule of Less is more and to choose quality over quantity. Trying minimalist jewels can enhance a hint of glam to your appearance while still keeping it stylish and classy. The idea of minimalist jewelry is spotless, elegant lines, as well as keeping your whole look humble. Minimalist jewelry is fastly switching statement ornaments.

Tips for Best Minimalist wearing

  • Choose simple, fresh pieces.
  • Try geometric pieces.
  • How about a beaded effect?
  • Select delicate bracelets.
  • Choose exquisite earrings.
  • Limit what you wear.

Minimalist jewelry is chic and classy. It is hard not to fall for it. Minimalism in jewelry is all about making simple lines and fewer colors speak for themselves. We hope that these styling ideas are inspirational and helpful to those aiming for a minimalist look.

Now let me quickly show you some of the eye-catchy Minimalist jewelry collection from Aaina&co.

I hope you will start loving Bracelets from here, Yellow Gold Swedish Malin Ball Chain Bracelet, this is a ball chain bracelet made in 18Karat yellow gold stainless steel.  This piece is the best choice for your daily use or can be matched up when you go for any function. This goes well with both the western and traditional outfits.

Meaning of the symbol: The Swedish Malin- Represents the inevitability of uncontrollable setbacks as a natural part of moving forward in life.

It comes in 3 color variants, Golden, Black, and Silver. It has a double-layered content and it gives you an option to personalize of your choice for a free of cost.


  • Charm on double 304 grads stainless steel ball chain, which is 19 karats yellow gold plated
  • 13mm Diameter stainless steel disc
  • Chain length: 16cm
  • Extension chain length: 3cm

Rose Gold Heart Cord Bracelet

This comes with fabric cord design with a rose gold heart symbol makes this classy bracelet elegant, stylish and suitable for all occasions. The heart is the primary symbol. It represents the beauty in humanity: love, morality, emotion, spirituality, and intellect.

Meaning of Symbol: The Heart – The primary symbol – It represents the beauty in humanity: love, morality, emotion, spirituality, and intellect.


  • 18k rose gold plated
  • 304 grad stainless steel disc with 13mm diameter
  • Fabric cord which is adjustable in length from approximately 15cm to 27cm

Both the pieces come in an eco-friendly vegan Triangle leather pouch along with the care instructions. They being a conscientious fashion brand, they give 10% of their profit to Charity.

To conclude I would stress on that the Minimalist jewelry is modish and sophisticated. It is too hard not to take eyes off it. Minimalism in jewelry is all about building artless lines and fewer shades express for themselves. Good luck with your minimalist look with Aainaco.