The Power of Truth !
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The Power of Truth !

Hiya all,

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. – Robert H. Schuller

Lie and Truth are like two sides of a same coin. Truth gives short term sadness and long term happiness.It’s the second part ie, speaking truth that is often the more difficult one. People lie because they wish to take the easy path.Saying the truth lands up you in so many troubles. Have you ever had to speak Truth knowing the consequences? Have you feared what if people shun you, fire you or you will lose your loved ones just because of speaking truth?
Sometimes telling the truth will get you in a lot of hardships, so you tell a ‘little’ lie.Then to hide that little lie, you will add a big lie. Lies results in more lies. If saying truth is the right thing to do, and you don’t do it, you have shown a lack of strength and courage, right? If a lie that you told is discovered, what will happen to your social values in community, image, self respect, moral strength and personal character.

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As a child, I used to listen to the stories and fables narrated by my Grandma. I have always been told that honesty is the best policy. I was narrated the story of a shepherd, who tends and rears sheep by the country side every day. He was naughty and he wanted to fool people. He shouts Snake, Snake, Help Please and when people comes nothing was found and he used to make fun and laugh. He did this often and people lost faith in him. One day, the incident really happened and the poor guy shouted but no one turned up and he lost his life. 
I feel that telling the truth will make you feel better about yourself and not guilty. You will also find some inner peace even though there will be certain consequences. We definitely cannot control how others will respond. We may hesitate to speak the truth when we are placed in terrible situations. But many a times, telling the truth is the right thing to do. Even our Ashoka Emblem says ” Truth alone Triumphs”.
Here is a small incident from my life where I think speaking the truth was the right thing to do. After my graduation, I joined the MNC and I was placed in their Bangalore Campus as Test Engineer. Before joining this MNC, I had given a test for recruitment in bank. After 1 year of working in MNC, I got a call letter from the bank for which I had given the test. I was working in a project. During that month, five of my friends had absconded without giving any information and left the company. We have a four years bond and we have to pay the company to get released from the position. I could have absconded too but I thought it will affect my future job and it will create a bad impression in my present employer too. It is always better to keep good relations and stay networked where ever you work. I told the truth that I got a bank job and hence I am leaving my present job to my project manager. I informed everyone and left. I gave the exit interview via phone and I surrendered the belongings via post. I had only two days gap. I also told that I cannot serve the notice period and I will pay for that too. Speaking the truth resulted in a lot of troubles. There were rumours about me and I got a legal notice to my home which created a lot of tension in the family, Some how, I paid the compensation money to them and I got a letter for experience and NOC too. Till now my other friends haven’t faced any issue and they are enjoying their life.
When I went to my training for the Bank job, there was a verification process wherein we are required to submit character certificate, NOC and experience letter from the previous employers. Those who didn’t have that are not qualified and ineligible for the position. They will give you some time and within the stipulated time, you should hand over the documents. Many people who passed the test didn’t get a job due to this role reason and for some of them, the joining date was delayed and extended. I felt happy that I spoke the truth at the MNC company I was working with and I got proper relieving letter. Had I lied and absconded, I would have lost both the jobs and I would have landed in a miserable condition. I have a great career now just because of speaking the truth at the right time.

I have tons of happy memories from speaking the truth and a few harsh ones too. The harsh memories are those that we replay over and over again, until we get healed as time pass by.

Kinley, one of the country’s most trusted packaged drinking water brands, rolled out its new communication campaign Boond Boond Mein Sachchai. The campaign attempts to highlight the importance of trust and transparency in relationships.The campaign, by focusing on a few usual everyday events, aims to awaken the realization that you can truly be at peace by being honest.Watch this TVC by Kinley India – Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein.

P.S : This post is written for Happy Hours on Indiblogger in association with Kinley