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Brand Focus:Adorn Minawala’s Temple collection this Navarathri Season !

Nothing to disclose


The Navarathri festival has begun and it is time to indulge in some sparkling beauties. Precious and Semi-Precious ornaments are a part of our Indian culture and represents our rich culture roots.
You know as a kid, I was never interested in gold. I was of the opinion that ‘gold is an old trend’. Only white gold fascinated me. As I grew up, I had to change my opinion. The reason being there are so many retailers and there are plenty of designs and trends in the precious jewellery industry. Someone has said “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!” One can’t deny that fact.  You know life gets a bling and you get that feeling of having tiara in your head when you own fabulous pieces of precious jewellery.
With Navarathri around the corner, I thought of sharing my views on the Minawala’s exquisite Temple collection showcasing some spectacular designs to treat your eyes.

About Minawala:

Established and founded by the Zaveri family, the house of Minawala came into being in the year 1985. Originally a family-run jewellery making business, Minawala soon evolved into a successful brand maintaining a fine balance between traditional and new age design concepts. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a great sensitivity for detail, Minawala became synonymous with beautiful craftsmanship and sophistication in the world of jewellery in no time.
With three generations of jewellery making behind the brand, Minawala today represents decades of experience and expertise. Placing heritage as a core part of its ideology, the brand is acclaimed for the perfection and the craftsmanship that goes into the construction of each individual piece.
Mr. Shehzad Zaveri was amongst the first to popularize the use of colored stones in jewellery. He is responsible for spear heading the brands evolution into establishing itself as high-quality jewellery makers.
At Minawala, Mr. Shehzad Zaveri’ incorporated diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones set in yellow and white gold. Years of creating stunning pieces and innovative designs, Minawala has laid strong benchmarks for many existing jewellers and continues to inspire new entrants in this field.    
A true amalgamation of heritage and modernity, Minawala continues to surprise its customers with spectacular gems dazzling settings.
The design team has successfully created striking collections over the years that continue to attract customers, old and new.
A huge emphasis is laid on the quality of the stones, the manufacturing procedures of MINAWALA jewellery along with the brilliant cuts & designs which contribute to the growth of the company and the popularity and credibility it enjoys amongst its peers.
Here is my take:

Minawala, the high-end luxury jewellery brand creates trends with its exclusive diamonds, precious stones and gold jewellery. The brand draws inspiration from four kind of women – the classic woman, the modern woman, the working woman and the bride.
Navratri spells nine magical nights and it is an auspicious time to buy gold and diamonds.And to create a drama, semi and precious stones can create the magic.During Navratri time we visit temples, take part in pooja, visit the neighborhood homes etc. A visit to temple is about prayers and decoration. We all adore the antique vintage style inspired by the idols. Isn’t it?
The Minawala temple and contemporary collection is more on the ethnic side but without compromising on the style. It has the perfect amalgamation of glitter and tradition.
The collection comprises of mesmerizing rings, beautiful bangles and fabulous kangans; attention-grabbing necklaces with intricate work; chokers, chandelier earrings made of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls and coloured precious stones which turn out to be the festive essentials this season!

Heritage and modernity is what comes to my mind from a glance of this spectacular jewellery collection. Simple and fab in one word.
The collection balance tradition with modernism; indulgence with elegance; and style with sophistication. This festive season, you can transform yourselves into a ‘stylish traditional showstopper ’with Minawala  Festive Collection.
The pieces in the temple collection reflect the contemporary craftsmanship that fits in place with today’s trend.
Shiny rubies, emeralds, pearls, gold are set in these pieces in attractive patterns that delight our sight inspired by the various religious symbols. Temple collection is gold fused, large and chunky. What comes to your mind with the term temple collection? Cummer bands, earrings, armlets, brooches and head-pieces!! Well it can be anything adding sparkle and shine to your look.
The Ornaments are a lifetime purchase for most of us and it is good to make a few decisions before you purchase them.
Always invest in a quality product when it comes to high end precious jewellery.  You should purchase it from a reputed trustworthy jeweller like Minawala to ensure it is hallmarked.
Three things are involved when you go for buying gold or diamond – the actual price of the metal, service tax and the marking charges. You should know the purpose of buying – whether it is for an occasion, or for gifting or for investment. According you can make up your mind on which design to go for.
Now you know why to go for Minawala Jewellers. You need not compromise on the style, quality and price

Head on to http://www.minawala.com/ for more information. . 

Here are my favourites from this collection:

Which one is your favourite ?? I love 3 & 5 🙂
Update: I received a gift hamper from Minawala as a token of gratification for doing this review and the hamper consisted of a nuts pack, perfume and discount card.

Disclaimer: I am not paid or sponsored to write this post by Minawala. The pictures are provided by a representative of the Brand and doesn’t belong to me. The images are copy righted to Minawala. I am writing this post in my own interest.