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Paper Jewellery -Taking over the fashion world !!


Hi All,

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Making jewellery is an art. No doubt in that but have you ever thought that simple fragile looking paper can be converted into fabulous jewellery. Eco fashion has been thriving since decades and the paper jewellery trend is the latest. It is environment friendly, colourful and cheap.
Paper jewellery is light weighted, colourful and bio degradable. It is a step towards an eco- friendly world. They can be recycled. Paper jewellery is available in variety of styles and patterns and can be customized to suit ones need.

Many such paper jewellery pieces are made to withstand pressure and are water/sweat proof. There are no chemicals used in the process.
It is a handmade process. Paper is manually moulded into beads of different shapes and sizes. Utmost care is taken in bonding, strengthening, hardening, colouring and waterproofing.
The paper beads are then adorned with decorative items like crystals, stones, chatons, kundan, glass beads, polki, semi-precious stones, acrylic beads, and horn beads.
Special designs are made for changing festive seasons and moods.
The paper jewellery is eye catching and this trend has attracted many young girls.
The work takes time, craftsmanship, tender care and patience which make it a treasure.
We recently attended a paper crafts workshop near my home and made the above earrings. I am still a learner and my creations need to achieve perfection.
You can buy a quilling set with paper, needle and decorative items to start creating your own paper jewellery.

These earrings range from Rs 25/- to Rs 50/- per piece. If you are interested to purchase high quality Paper Jewellery , you can mail me your requirements coz my friend is selling them.

With soaring gold prices day by day, paper jewellery is gaining high acceptance and popularity. It is available in traditional as well as stylish forms.