Argan Lounge Arganik Lips Serum Review!
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Argan Lounge Lips Serum

Argan Lounge Arganik Lips Serum Review!

Hey All,

I reviewed Arganik Nail Care by Argan Loungue here. Following that I will be reviewing the Argan Lounge Arganik Lip Formula Today. Argan Lounge ships worldwide and you can purchase the products by visiting their website here.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

Price: $40 for 15 ml / 0.5 oz US.

Product Claim:

Arganik Lip Formula effectively moisturizes and plumps the skin on and around the lips and reinforces natural anti-aging mechanisms. The Argan Aminoacid complex replenishes wrinkles and fine lines and protects your skin against bleeding and feathering, thus leaving your lips more voluptuous, hydrated and plumped up.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum


Contains 94% of pure Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil), as well as:

Jojoba Oil Macadamia Seed Oil Esters.
Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline.
Phytosteryl Macadamiate.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum


Use your clean forefinger to apply a small amount to the lips whenever hydration is deemed necessary.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

My Take on the Product:

Arganik Lip Formula comes in a similar packaging to that of the Arganik Nail Formula. It comes in a very cute glass bottle with a pressure pipette. The cap of the bottle is made of plastic and appears white. I love the packaging. You just need to take care and prevent dropping as glass is breakage prone.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

Argan Lounge Arganik Lips Serum is suitable for use in during any season. The texture and consistency is like a light weighted oil. It feels bit sticky initially just like a gloss if you overapply. This lip formula provides hydration to the lips and restores its moisture.The product turns out to be very handy if you are exposured to harsh weather. The product is effective and soothes cracked lips.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

You can apply this several times daily whenever desired. The product gets absorbed by the lips quickly and soaks in  leaving your lips smooth and soft. You get an instant feel of plumped and kiss ready lips.

Arganik Lip Formula can be applied as a base under our regular lipstick or gloss. The Arganik Lips Serum is suited to be used in combination with regular make up.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

You might think that almost all lipbalms does the same job; so in what way is this product unique. What sets this lip formula apart from other brands is its formula derived from natural and organic argan oil. The formula is also chemical, paraben and cruelty-free at the same time. The product is indeed luxurious.

You need a tiny drop only to cover the entire lip area. The Arganik Lips Serum will last for longer period of time. It stays on for a decent while, without being too heavy. It is definitely not sticky or messy. I love that it leaves my lips looking healthy.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

This product is a wonderful treatment for all your lip problems be it cracks or wrinkles! Ever since I began to use this lipbalm, my lips never felt dry or painful due to cracks. Do give it a try if you have chapped lips. The pricing is decent considering the fact that no argan based product is cheap. The packaging is classy in my opinion. It generates firming and nourishing effect. It prepares the lips for a long lasting lip color without bleeding and feathering. Argan reinforces the natural anti-aging properties of the skin. Anyways, I highly recommend this product to you gals.

Argan Lounge Lips Serum

Argh! Dont you think I’m too much of a product junkie.

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