Organic Harvest Happy Lips Lip Balm !!
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Organic Harvest Happy Lips

Organic Harvest Happy Lips Lip Balm !!

Hello All,

Organic Harvest has introduced the cutest lip balms in India recently. These look exactly similar to EOS Lip Balm in packaging.Organic Harvest Green Apple with Mint Lip Balm is delightfully flavored and packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, soothing essential oils.


I personally prefer Organic Harvest Lip Balms as these are organic and comes with less nasty chemicals. The benefits of natural beauty products definitely outweigh the harmful effects of chemicals, especially in today’s scenario.


The Organic Harvest Green Apple Lip Balm glides on easily. It keeps your lips moist, soft and smooth. These apply smoothly and leave a thin translucent coating behind. The fragrance of the lip balms is yummy. The fragrance is mild and doesn’t stay for long.I love the rich flavors. These Lip Balms are Lanolin based and not waxy. The Dome packaging is travel-friendly and convenient.


The product keeps lips moisturized for a long time. It treats dry flaky lips well and makes them supple in few days of usage. These lip balms are colorless balms priced at 199 Rs for 10g.


There are four flavors available namely,  Pomegranate lip care (dark berry color), Green Apple Lip therapy (light green), Shea lip repair (yellow),  Strawberry lip balm (red).

Product Description: 

Green apple with mint

Lip balm, enriched with natural essential oil, antioxidant and vitamin E, nourishes dry and chapped lips and provides luscious lips.

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