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Makeup Storage:Lipsticks !!

I am sipping a hot tea right now. Its down-pouring heavily. I am bored of studying and wanted to write about something. Just checked into my wardrobe and got this idea. One day more for my exam and still 100 pages more to read !! Huh !!
How about a short lipstick organization post??

I was tossing my lip products all into a clear plastic box disarrayed. But it wasn’t working.Next day I had to spent around 20 minutes searching for one lippie.

Learn how to store your lipsticks easily without much efforts.

I eventually ran out of space one day and after hearing some bad scolding from mom I decided to invest in a 24 tube lipstick holder. I checked some Indian shopping sites and found only tray like plastic ones. 
Nah ! I didn’t want it !! ** Shakes Head , Eyes Blink **
I am not a makeup girl especially lipsticks. I live in a remote place and people here will just mock at you. I do own a few Avon,Maybelline,Revlon,Rimmel ones. I do not own any high end lippies coz I know I cant use them anyway.There is no point in investing.
I ordered this 24 compartment clear acrylic lipstick holder from Buyincoins. It came intact all the way from china without even a scratch. It costs me only below $4.
It is available in ebay and some shops in India but I am sure BIC offers the cheapest price. Its priced about Rs 1000 in shops and ebay whereas you can get it for Rs 200 from Buyincoins.
The quality is good.I love that it stores all my lipsticks ( I own only that much lippies; around 25) !! If you have more lippies, just order two of them. It can be stacked on top of your dressing tables or makeup drawers. It takes only less space. Definitely saves your time and efforts.
 It fits many brands, even fat lipstick tubes fit perfectly.It has room to hold MAC or NYX even. It even held my lip glosses and kajal sticks nicely. You can even store lipsticks that are still in the box (such as backups you bought) in this holder and it still fits as it has a square bottom!
Well I never thought a girl can have too much of lipsticks.I just realized it when I started organizing.
The stand as a whole is not completely flat at the bottom and it is slanted from the sides but it’s still sturdy.
For storing large amounts of lipstick or lipgloss tubes, nothing beats this 24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer. It can be used in a drawer or on a countertop.It is made from durable, lightweight acrylic.

I have arranged my lippies,blushes and some tubes in random just to give you an idea.You can do a better job in this lipstick organization. This is a neat and best option which is cost effective too.

Okay so now that’s everything. Hope you enjoyed this idea.

Buy this product here and dont forget to mention iamgirlyblog@gmail.com in the referral section when you check out.
BTW what’s your favourite lipstick !!