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Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

Hello All,

Season change calls for change in your beauty and makeup routine. When winter arrives, the summer glow slowly starts fading. To get the look right, it is crucial that we use the right products. Don’t let the weather play havoc. Winterize your makeup to transform yourselves in five minutes. Here are a few makeup tips and tricks for this winter to look gorgeous like a snow queen.

Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

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  1. Prep your skin & get the skin care right:

In the winter, it is common to get white patches on our skin. Skin will be drier than usual due to chillness and harsh cold. Skin starts peeling off and causes redness too in worst cases. Know your skin type – oily, dry, combination, sensitive, etc.

Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub twice a week. Apply a good moisturiser on damp cleansed skin. It is advised to use cream based face wash and an alcohol-free toner for CTM.  Massage mildly with the moisturising cream. This will keep skin supple and hydrated. The makeup also gets absorbed well. Proper skin care routine is the first step to winter-proof your makeup. Consider replacing your night creams with Jojoba, Almond or Rose Hip oils that are nourishing on skin. If you have dull skin, you can opt for a tinted moisturiser.

Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

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  1. Add a few drops of serum to your foundation:

Foundation might get blotchy during winter time. It may feel heavy too. You will not sweat much so that to skip a primer. Thin your favourite foundation by mixing it with a few drops of serum. This process makes foundation easier to apply. You will also get a healthy and vibrant glow to your face. It also leaves a fresh, dewy finish. Your makeup won’t dry up easily due to frosty winds if you follow this step.

  1. Choose Right Shades of Makeup:

There are no chances of tanning during winter, and in fact, the skin looks kinda pale. Cool darker shades work better than light shades or pastels. Lighter shades make your makeup look washed out. It’s time to take out your wine, red or plum lipsticks.  Consider using a tinted lip balm if you suffer from chapped lips. You can skip your compact and powder based products. Applying blush might not be necessary to avoid ruddy cheeks. When one goes out, the cold itself adds a flush of red to your cheeks.  Opt for peach toned Blush if at all you want to apply. Prefer gel formulas with a sheer finish. Don’t forget to use a lip scrubber.

Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

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  1. Defeat dull, dehydrated skin:

Make sure to hydrate from within by drinking lot of water. If your face feels taut or parched, use milky cleansers that don’t strip oils from the skin. Massage your dry skin with cleanser then remove gently with a cotton pad or tissue.

  1. Don’t skip sunscreen:

No matter what the season is, get the habit of wearing a broad spectrum sun screen every day. Protect your skin against UV rays.

Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

Image Source – http://www.acnetreatmenttoday.xyz/

  1. Reduce inflammation and redness:

The icy cold wind can give you an inflamed, red skin. Camouflage it with a green-tinted moisturiser or a colour-correcting concealer. If your skin feels irritated, look for treatments with calming and soothing ingredients to treat those truly painful spots. I use a handmade salve made from Tea-Tree, Thyme or Rose Mary.

Easy ways to winter-proof your makeup!!

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  1. Cover yourself:

Put up your hood or wear a hat/scarf for extra protection. You can even use a turtleneck that can bundle up around your neck. Use ear muffs too. The idea is to create a barrier between your skin and the wind.

  1. Eye Makeup for Winter:

Loud makeup suits winter. You can opt for a smoky look. You can even use silver shades. Use waterproof liner and mascara. Avoid using mattes as they accentuate dry patches.

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Do not fear experimenting makeup and playing with colours. Just follow what suits you based on your rules to create a makeup look that best matches your personality and reflects your mood. Stay pretty and cheerful. Enjoy the winter days!