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Hortical Studio Candle Review!

Hello All,

Hortical Studio is a Delhi based manufacturer of hand made cosmetics, bath and body products, candles, gift hampers and silicone molds. The brand is founded by Mayurica Chauhan.

I received the lavender-scented jar candle from them made of pure beeswax.

The price of this product is Rs 300.

We all know that lavender has soothing and calming properties.  It helps calm down, relaxes, and ease any body tension.
The packaging is in a glass jar with a black metal lid and a simple brand label. The printing looks cute. The wax melt is white in color.

The Hortical Studio Lavender Scented Jar Candlelit up our home in the evening and created a welcoming atmosphere at our home. All my family members and friends asked about it because the scent was really heavenly and pleasant. It gives a nice cozy feeling ambiance.

You can use the candle for special occasions like Diwali, Candle Light Dinners, Festives, etc. You çan even use it for prayers.

The candle can be used during an at-home spa therapy.

The candle is perfect for gifting purposes. I am sure everyone will love it. Trust me, it can make a beautiful gift for someone special.

The candle is crafted from premium ingredients and uses natural wick to ensure the best burn.

The Hortical Studio Lavender Scented Jar Candle really left a luxurious impression.
The jar is huge and can be used for Fragrance, Air Freshening, Relaxation, Decor Enhancement, and Odor Elimination.

The product will last longer, can be reused and has got a strong scent to fill up the room. The candle provides the soft light. The price is really affordable.

Honestly, other expensive candles that I have tried were losing their scent after some time.  Hortical Studio Candles are not only priced better but also comes with a stronger smell and greater quality. It drifts me to another place literally.

This is the BEST Lavender candle I have ever used !! If I have to describe this candle, I would say Luxurious Relaxation indeed. Not to miss the perfect lavender essence aroma.